Biography of the Author Pamela Ariel On

Pamela Ariel On

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Livestream sales could this year gross more than 1 trillion yuan ($150 billion), according to a

    Live streaming: How businesses turn viewership into revenue

    Live streaming was already gaining traction before the pandemic, but COVID-19 turned it from novelty to necessity. Money Mind looks at what it ...
  2. Staff member hooks up a charging cable to EV at a charging station in Liuzhou

    China's electric vehicle start-ups race for leading position

    The future of the automobile industry is likely to be electric. And if that’s the case, then China looks sets to be a big part of the picture.
  3. file photo computer chart

    Growing interest in alternative financing amid COVID-19

    With sales down and unemployment on the rise, individuals and businesses are turning to loans. Outside of banks, some companies have also stepped ...
  4. Shanghai skyline

    Shanghai's quest to become an international financial centre

    Shanghai is already established as China’s domestic financial hub. But what will it take to realise for Shanghai to realise its vision of becoming ...
  5. A doctor speaks with a patient during an online consultation session at a hospital in Shenyang in

    Telehealth gets a boost from COVID-19 pandemic

    What do you do when you need to see a doctor during a pandemic, but you’re worried about the spread of a mysterious and highly infectious new virus?
  6. graduates china

    Who's hiring in a COVID-19 climate?

    The COVID-19 outbreak has taken a huge toll on the jobs market around the world, with many businesses slashing headcounts and freezing hiring. But ...
  7. renminbi

    Why is China's yuan going digital?

    Paper money was first used in China during the Tang dynasty. Fourteen centuries later, China is giving a new spin to the concept of currency itself.