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Philip Andrews-Speed

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  1. Gloomy sky weather clouds vivocity Singapore cruise centre - file photo

    Commentary: Why hasn’t solar energy in Singapore taken off in a big way after so long?

    Transitioning to solar energy will support Singapore’s climate change mitigation goals but cloud cover, space constraints and technological ...
  2. Singapore is using water-based panels to boost its solar energy use four-fold to around two percent

    Commentary: The changing geopolitics of clean energy will impact Singapore’s Green Plan

    As Singapore transforms itself to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, it will find that it is still vulnerable to geopolitical and economic ...
  3. Singapore Malaysia Causeway Mar 18, 2020 - 6

    Commentary: Importing electricity from Malaysia is a good thing

    Singapore will embark on an experiment that could lead to a profound change in the country’s energy mix, says Philip Andrews-Speed of the Energy ...