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Willem H Buiter

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  1. FILE PHOTO: A Bitcoin digital currency ATM shop is seen in Marseille

    Commentary: Don’t trust the hype – Bitcoin will never be a wise investment

    The sooner Bitcoin and other DLT-based cryptocurrencies are relegated to a footnote in economic history, the better, says Willem H Buiter.
  2. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: The logo of the Bitcoin digital currency is seen in a shop in Marseille

    Commentary: Bitcoin, the 12-year-old bubble that could eventually be worth nothing

    In contrast to other assets like gold, Bitcoin is purely speculative. Its value is whatever markets say it is, says Willem H Buiter.
  3. Election 2020 South Korea Financial Markets

    Commentary: Why markets are upbeat about the US election results

    Markets have priced uncertainty in, while a Joe Biden presidency is likely to be constrained by a split Congress, say William H Buiter and Anne ...