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  1. Talking Point host Steven Chia drinks bubble tea for a month to find out what it does to the body.

    Is there bubble tea even diabetics can love? Low-sugar, low-calorie tweaks are being made

    Bubble tea sales in Singapore have already outstripped those of Coke and coffee on one delivery platform. But this drink comes at a price, and the ...
  2. One of the battles against bacteria has become a race against a superbug.

    When the medicine doesn’t work any more: Looking for new weapons against diseases

    Bacteria and viruses have got smarter, and some diseases seem to be threatening a comeback. With tried and tested defences losing the race against ...
  3. Cambodian boy linguist Thuch Salik’s life has changed out of all recognition.

    From poverty to fulfilling the impossible: Life for Cambodian boy linguist after viral fame

    It has been two years since Thuch Salik, who can speak 16 languages, went viral because of his gift. The series Beyond The Viral Video finds out ...
  4. maid file photo

    Should I worry if my helper is doing outside work?

    Do you know what your helper is doing on her day off? Talking Point investigates some of the second jobs domestic workers are taking on and ...
  5. Can the poor in Hong Kong withstand the current pandemic and economic slump?

    Fear, uncertainty and the grim face of poverty in Hong Kong with COVID-19

    Before the pandemic, 1.4 million people in the city were living below the poverty line. The programme Insight finds out how worse off they are ...
  6. A 3-D printed figures are seen in front of displayed Tik Tok logo in this picture illustration

    Should we be afraid of TikTok?

    Is this Chinese app a sinister threat or just a popular innovation? The debate may soon come to a boil, and the series Beyond The Viral Video ...