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  1. Taiwanese coast guard looks at a sand-dredging ship with Chinese flag in the waters off the Taiwan-

    Commentary: How China will try to subdue Taiwan – without firing a bullet

    The US is once again warning that China might invade Taiwan, but a more gradualist approach by Beijing seems more likely, says Christian Le Miere.
  2. US China

    Commentary: US-China ties are set to worsen, before they get better

    As proceedings in Alaska showed, both the US and Chinese diplomats were signalling to domestic audiences that they would not back down on issues ...
  3. China US

    Commentary: First high-level US-China meetings seem destined to flounder

    The best possible outcome of the bilateral meeting later this week is an identification of topics of mutual interest for further negotiation, says ...
  4. The Chinese national flag is seen in Beijing, China

    Commentary: China’s divide-and-conquer strategy isn’t fooling anyone anymore

    Recent actions involving Australia and New Zealand reveal the country’s modus operandi can be effective but will have broader, corrosive ...
  5. After the US election was called for Joe Biden 'there was a huge sigh of relief' within

    Commentary: Is it too late for the US to join the CPTPP?

    Joe Biden faces an uphill climb in joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership because free trade agreements ...
  6. China Economic Growth

    Commentary: Xi Jinping’s not-so-bad, actually-quite-good year in 2020

    The Chinese President made several political moves last year to strengthen his power, says Christian Le Miere.