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Ho Xiang Tian

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  1. Circular road

    Commentary: Trying to live more sustainably? It’s impossible to make a difference alone

    In combating climate change, our individual efforts are statistically insignificant – especially when compared to what businesses and government ...
  2. Office workers at Raffles Place in Singapore

    Commentary: Shorts and slippers aren’t sloppy – they’re sensible attire for Singapore’s weather

    We can ditch being dressed in long-sleeved shirts and pants if we rethink how we cool our buildings, says Ho Xiang Tian of LepakInSG.
  3. Toilet bowl

    Commentary: Reducing household water consumption starts with the toilet bowl

    The largest amount of water in a household is wasted in the toilet and this has increased since more of us stay at home. It’s time to rethink ...