Biography of the Author Sara Grosse

Sara Grosse

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. maid file photo

    Should I worry if my helper is doing outside work?

    Do you know what your helper is doing on her day off? Talking Point investigates some of the second jobs domestic workers are taking on and ...
  2. Dinner time in one of Singapore's foreign worker dormitories.

    A year since COVID-19, dorm life leaves migrant workers still hoping for better

    Life has not changed much for some workers who are unable to share communal facilities, must still eat in crowded rooms and face restrictions ...
  3. (dn) TP hire purchase 7

    How a S$3,000 bill became S$30,000: The truth behind retailers' instalment plans

    Lured by low monthly repayments, some buy their electronics and furnishings on hire purchase, not realising how much higher the price will be in ...
  4. Young people at a climate change rally in Singapore.

    How Singapore sees its millennials (and it's not a pretty picture)

    A nationwide survey uncovers cracks between the different ages, raising questions on whether the young are being ignored, as the documentary ...
  5. Ms Diana Ser immersed herself as a teacher's assistant in two pre-schools for a week.

    Why it's still so hard to have more early childhood educators in Singapore

    The clock is ticking for the pre-school sector, with an extra 3,000 teachers needed by 2020. Despite steps to make the profession more attractive, ...
  6. What if some vegetables are sneaked into Singapore without undergoing proper food safety checks?

    A peek at the illicit trade in smuggled vegetables in Singapore

    How are illegally imported vegetables getting in, and why are some suppliers risking prosecution? The programme Talking Point investigates.
  7. Scammers busted, in a raid by Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau.

    Phone scammers exposed: A web of deceit across the region

    From a Chinese county where scammers have found a home to a millionaire mastermind in Taiwan to newer operations in places like the Philippines, ...
  8. TP live streaming apps main

    Nudity, public sex, stalkers: What children are in for on live-streaming apps

    As live videos grow in popularity, parents can be more vigilant about protecting youngsters from the manipulation and sexually suggestive content ...
  9. Human clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine began in Singapore in August.

    Singapore’s race for a vaccine: Can it be won before second wave of COVID-19 hits?

    Human clinical trials began last month at SingHealth’s Investigational Medicine Unit, and the programme Talking Point gains exclusive access to ...
  10. PSLE results day 2019 (4)

    PSLE maths: Thorn in the side of parents, or challenge to embrace?

    Emotions ran high after this year’s PSLE maths paper. And the question surfaced again: Is too much being asked of our children? Talking Point ...