Biography of the Author Ray Yeh

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  1. Mohd Yusof and one of his sons.

    How Singapore left its mark on a backwater village in Bangladesh

    Singapore is the land of opportunity for many in Baluchar, Bangladesh, where one in three men in the village are migrant workers. Have the years ...
  2. (ry) mukul interviewed by cna insider

    His double life as a construction worker and a 'famous poet' in Singapore - and the price he paid

    Basking in fame after his book was published, Mohd Mukul Hossine was increasingly unhappy with life as a migrant worker. But could he afford to ...
  3. The price of fame: Mukul's story
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    The price of fame: Mukul's story

    Construction worker Mukul shot to fame in 2016 when he published his poems about life as a migrant worker in Singapore. But put on a pedestal by ...
  4. (ry) world new day story - at siti_s

    How Ramadan Diaries series opened minds, homes and hearts

    Inspired by the CNA Insider series on migrant workers, Singaporeans organised open houses to show their appreciation by giving some of them a ...
  5. Bangladeshi migrant worker Joy Sudip Bhadro set up the only vocational institute in his hometown.

    Inspired by Singapore’s education system, Bangladeshi migrant worker starts polytechnic

    He was unable to complete high school, but Joy Sudip Bhadro’s eye-opening experience here led to a ‘crazy’ dream come true in his hometown. His ...
  6. The Singaporean handyman and his Malaysian family
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    The Singaporean handyman and his Malaysian family

    Benjamin Arman fixes your leaky taps and broken doors in Singapore. The sacrifice he makes to support his family of 5? Being separated from them ...
  7. Working on a Singapore egg farm
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    Working on a Singapore egg farm

    In Singapore, few locals work on farms (even high-tech ones). Meet these two outliers - a young vet and a hairdresser-turned-farmhouse manager.
  8. This Yishun cleaner and his two families
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    This Yishun cleaner and his two families

    In Yishun, town council cleaners like Hanif don’t just keep the estate clean – they’re family too. This is the story of one young man, his two ...
  9. Mohammed Hanif has worked in Singapore for 13 years now.

    Yishun cleaner makes sacrifices for a better tomorrow, gets support for a better today

    In the estate he cleans, Mohammed Hanif is not just any foreign worker but a friend, and even family. It has made a big difference to a young man ...
  10. Inside Singapore's largest egg farm
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    Inside Singapore's largest egg farm

    Singaporeans are #egglovers. There is no way to make their favourite chai tow kway (carrot cake), half-boiled eggs, or even chili crab without ...