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Ray Yeh

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Burning out, but wildlife rescuer isn't giving up
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    Burning out, but wildlife rescuer isn't giving up

    “For the first time in 10 years, I felt too tired to go out and rescue animals."  In 2020, Kalai and his team at Animal Concerns Research and ...
  2. Albert Choy (right), the chef and owner of Ji Xiang Seafood in Old Airport Road, with his son, Chris

    To save an old-school ‘zi char’ stall from COVID-19, a family comes together

    For the second time, Albert Choy thought a coronavirus was going to kill his food business, 17 years after it first happened. This time, his ...
  3. (ry) vietnam lottery ticket seller

    Vietnam’s ticking time-bomb of elderly poverty

    More are working into old age to survive, in the world’s most rapidly aging country. Will solutions be too little, too late for Vietnam’s growing ...
  4. MM Elderly Poor 1_Daw Hla sitting in floor with food

    Poverty forces families in Myanmar to ditch their elderly

    “The old woman was left in the dark, tainted with faeces and urine,” recalls a social worker, who warns that elderly abandonment is on the rise.
  5. Asia Default Image

    The burden of being young in Timor-Leste

    While many developed countries wrestle with fast-ageing populations, Timor-Leste is blessed with one of the world’s youngest demographics. But ...
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    'It's a blessing': Why a millennial 'towkay' fasted with his Muslim migrant workers

    He has a degree in business and finance. But to get to know his family's construction business better, he lived among their foreign employees to ...
  7. RASID (20)

    This farmer gave 600 homes cheap electricity that the power company couldn't

    At first, he was mocked for being “crazy”. But now, even the national electric company wants to buy his DIY hydro-power operation - and it all ...
  8. vhr padang 7

    Vegetarian rendang? In Padang, an iconic dish gets a healthier update

    Reputed in her village as a 'masterchef', Neni Rahdipa cooks traditional Minang recipes the old-school way her grandma taught her - using wood ...
  9. New Content Item

    ‘Just like us’: Singaporeans open hearts and homes to migrant workers

    Eight families inspired to invite migrant workers over for a meal, after a CNA Insider series, discover a new level of appreciation for their guests.
  10. (ry) mukul interviewed by cna insider

    His double life as a construction worker and a 'famous poet' in Singapore - and the price he paid

    Basking in fame after his book was published, Mohd Mukul Hossine was increasingly unhappy with life as a migrant worker. But could he afford to ...