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  1. Refugees and their Malaysian dream
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    Refugees and their Malaysian dream

    There are more than 160,000 refugees registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Malaysia. After fleeing places like ...
  2. Divers turn heroes in the aftermath of Gili islands earthquake
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    Divers turn heroes in the aftermath of Gili islands earthquake

    After the devastating Aug 5, 2018 earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia, terrified tourists fled en masse. But not Singaporean instructor Tay Suyi and ...
  3. gili Singaporean Suyi clean up

    Gili island quake: The Singaporean girl who stayed put to help

    Ignoring the dangers, dive instructor Tay Suyi and other foreigners helped the injured and stayed behind to clean up and rebuild, even as ...
  4. home visits Marlene (in grey)

    ‘Just like us’: Singaporeans open hearts and homes to migrant workers

    Eight families inspired to invite migrant workers over for a meal, after a CNA Insider series, discover a new level of appreciation for their guests.
  5. (ry) Kadir praying

    'My heart cries': Muslim migrant workers ache for family, but find support from bosses this Ramadan

    At the Paya Lebar Quarter construction site where these men work, extra measures are taken to safeguard their well-being. But nothing can shield ...
  6. (ry) nick tai and shaokot 1

    'It's a blessing': Why a millennial 'towkay' fasted with his Muslim migrant workers

    He has a degree in business and finance. But to get to know his family's construction business better, he lived among their foreign employees to ...
  7. Ramadan diaries: Migrant workers try to make a home away from home
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    Ramadan diaries: Migrant workers try to make a home away from home

    What happens when Kadir and friends step inside a Singaporean's home for the first time. For migrant workers here, it's a struggle to make for ...
  8. Kadir and Mateen

    'We need to take the first step': Giving migrant workers a taste of home away from home this Ramadan

    They have helped to build Singapore’s flats and offices, but Kadir and his friends from Bangladesh had never set foot in an HDB home - until now, ...
  9. (ry) ramadan diaries secret life of migrant workers
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    Ramadan diaries: The secret life of migrant workers

    They get up at 4.30am and get to work on building our city. A glimpse into the lives of construction workers during Ramadan - the hardships, ...
  10. (ry) 5_Bathynomus new species

    Deep-sea 'aliens' no one knew existed, unearthed in Singapore-Indonesia expedition

    At least 12 species of crabs, prawns and lobsters collected from the deep seas in West Java are new to science. Another 40 are new records for ...