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  1. MM Elderly Poor 1_Daw Hla sitting in floor with food

    Poverty forces families in Myanmar to ditch their elderly

    “The old woman was left in the dark, tainted with faeces and urine,” recalls a social worker, who warns that elderly abandonment is on the rise.
  2. (ry) vietnam lottery ticket seller

    Vietnam’s ticking time-bomb of elderly poverty

    More are working into old age to survive, in the world’s most rapidly aging country. Will solutions be too little, too late for Vietnam’s growing ...
  3. Testing for Covid-19 is “quite tedious” as CNA Insider discovers in an inside look at how it's done.

    'We can’t afford to make any mistake’: Inside a COVID-19 testing lab in Singapore

    For three months, Tan Tock Seng Hospital has been running tests 24/7 in the face of several challenges, from trying to ramp up capacity to warding ...
  4. Inside a COVID-19 testing lab
    Media playtime

    Inside a COVID-19 testing lab

    What goes on inside a COVID-19 testing lab, where hundreds of swab samples a day have to be carefully processed round the clock? "The worst is ...
  5. Inside the NCID screening centre
    Media playtime

    Inside the NCID screening centre

    "Everyone has made sacrifices." Filmed by an emergency doctor, this is an exclusive look at how Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) physicians take on ...
  6. Hundreds of patients are checked daily at Singapore's Covid-19 screening centre.

    Inside Singapore’s COVID-19 screening centre, on the front line against the disease

    As the number of cases continues to rise, it is all hands on deck at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, where ...
  7. Mohd Yusof and one of his sons.

    How Singapore left its mark on a backwater village in Bangladesh

    Singapore is the land of opportunity for many in Baluchar, Bangladesh, where one in three men in the village are migrant workers. Have the years ...
  8. (ry) mukul interviewed by cna insider

    His double life as a construction worker and a 'famous poet' in Singapore - and the price he paid

    Basking in fame after his book was published, Mohd Mukul Hossine was increasingly unhappy with life as a migrant worker. But could he afford to ...
  9. The price of fame: Mukul's story
    Media playtime

    The price of fame: Mukul's story

    Construction worker Mukul shot to fame in 2016 when he published his poems about life as a migrant worker in Singapore. But put on a pedestal by ...
  10. (ry) world new day story - at siti_s

    How Ramadan Diaries series opened minds, homes and hearts

    Inspired by the CNA Insider series on migrant workers, Singaporeans organised open houses to show their appreciation by giving some of them a ...