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Ray Yeh

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. The farmers' tech hero: Giving power back to Indonesia's exploited
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    The farmers' tech hero: Giving power back to Indonesia's exploited

    Cheated by middlemen, many small farmers in Indonesia live in debt. Until this man developed a way to change their lives - with an app. Read more ...
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    Social network founder turns champion for exploited farmers in Indonesia

    Three months after the launch of farm-to-home app RegoPantes (or “fair price”), farmers are already seeing their income nearly double. Is this the ...
  3. The dough that binds
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    The dough that binds

    Where feuds beset other famous F&B families, the Kohs have stuck together like youtiao for 4 generations, amazingly - turning great-grandma's ...
  4. (ry) Bang Jack (5)

    Car park attendant's gift of a school, to children too poor to afford it

    Poverty forced Undang Suryaman to drop out of school. Now, he wants to give every child in his village the education he couldn’t afford - even if ...
  5. Bang Jack's schoolhouse
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    Bang Jack's schoolhouse

    He's a parking attendant who never studied beyond elementary school. But he and his wife are the reason hundreds of poor kampung kids can hope for ...
  6. Mohammed Hanif has worked in Singapore for 13 years now.

    Yishun cleaner makes sacrifices for a better tomorrow, gets support for a better today

    In the estate he cleans, Mohammed Hanif is not just any foreign worker but a friend, and even family. It has made a big difference to a young man ...
  7. Seng Choon Farm produces 600,000 eggs daily from its 850,000 hens.

    Inside the high-tech operations of Singapore’s largest egg farm

    Seng Choon Farm has turned to automation in a big way, and CNA Insider gets an exclusive inside look at a few things Singaporeans don't know when ...
  8. yv manuf orphans main

    Lies, greed and heartbreak: How orphans are ‘made’ for the adoption industry

    Adopted by Swedish parents, one woman returns to India 23 years on for clues about her birth mother – and uncovers a web of lies, including how ...
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    For old folks left to die at Myanmar's roadsides and cemeteries, these homes are their last hope

    Cast aside “like rubbish” and turned away even by nursing homes, these elderly outcasts are given dignity at the end of life by volunteer groups ...
  10. Asia Default Image

    These angels bring warmth into the lives of Hanoi’s homeless elderly

    Students and young professionals are among the volunteers stepping in to help the sick and homeless elderly, who otherwise die alone and ...