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  1. (ry) 5_Bathynomus new species

    Deep-sea 'aliens' no one knew existed, unearthed in Singapore-Indonesia expedition

    At least 12 species of crabs, prawns and lobsters collected from the deep seas in West Java are new to science. Another 40 are new records for ...
  2. (ry) sanny 1

    Social network founder turns champion for exploited farmers in Indonesia

    Three months after the launch of farm-to-home app RegoPantes (or “fair price”), farmers are already seeing their income nearly double. Is this the ...
  3. keyuan family update 10

    'Hello, new little brother': Former orphan's first Chinese New Year with a family

    Eight-year-old Keyuan has been afraid to sleep alone at night in his new home in Singapore. Thank goodness he's now got three siblings to chase ...
  4. (ry) Bang Jack (5)

    Car park attendant's gift of a school, to children too poor to afford it

    Poverty forced Undang Suryaman to drop out of school. Now, he wants to give every child in his village the education he couldn’t afford - even if ...
  5. (ry) andre icecream uncle (1)

    Michelin-star chef Andre Chiang fulfils a promise to an ice-cream uncle

    The day before he closed his restaurant for good, he handed Mr Ng Teak Boon - a familiar face to CNA Insider viewers - a five-figure cheque for ...
  6. RASID (20)

    This farmer gave 600 homes cheap electricity that the power company couldn't

    At first, he was mocked for being “crazy”. But now, even the national electric company wants to buy his DIY hydro-power operation - and it all ...
  7. The farmer who gave them light: One man's dream electrifies his village
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    The farmer who gave them light: One man's dream electrifies his village

    No degree. No books or Internet. With little more than his own ingenuity and skilled hands, this farmer found a way to bring electricity to 600 ...
  8. Bang Jack's schoolhouse
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    Bang Jack's schoolhouse

    He's a parking attendant who never studied beyond elementary school. But he and his wife are the reason hundreds of poor kampung kids can hope for ...
  9. (am) The farmers' tech hero
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    The farmers' tech hero: Giving power back to Indonesia's exploited

    Cheated by middlemen, many small farmers in Indonesia live in debt. Until this man developed a way to change their lives - with an app. Read more ...
  10. How to buy the best ingredients at the wet market
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    How to buy the best ingredients at the wet market

    Young or old coconut milk? How should you pick the best chilli or nutmeg? Padang 'masterchef' Neni shares her wet-market tips. Because to make the ...