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  1. Song-Ming Ang at the filming of Recorder Rewrite_mod

    The artist who brought the sound of Singapore to the Venice Biennale

    CNA Luxury meets Song-Ming Ang in Venice – the artist who went from copying Justin Bieber’s autograph to showing at the world's most prestigious ...
  2. Malaysia Pavilion Venice Biennale 2019

    Southeast Asia represents at the Venice Biennale with ferris wheels and vertigo

    CNA Luxury was in Venice to take in what Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia are showing at the biggest international art ...
  3. Singapore Venice Biennale 2019 Song-Ming Ang Recorder Rewrite_1

    Singapore puts the humble recorder in the celebrated Venice Biennale spotlight

    Artist Song-Ming Ang and curator Michelle Ho's Music For Everyone makes the musical instrument from every Singaporean's childhood an international ...
  4. A Gentleman's Tale mobile tailor bus 3D scanning_mod

    The high-tech Singapore tailor who'll drive their 3D body scanner to your car park

    The couple behind A Gentleman’s Tale take house calls to the next level – by letting you feel like you’re Iron Man for two seconds with some ...
  5. Sustainable lifestyle Sprout Farmers Market CNA Lifestyle Sprout Edible Garden City

    Going eco-friendly: Can you really pursue a sustainable lifestyle in Singapore?

    Singapore’s largest farmers market, Sprout, returns this weekend to put the spotlight on sustainable living once more. But just how successful has ...
  6. Carnivorous plants hobby Singapore Venus flytrap pitcher plant sundew Darren Ng

    ‘I treat them like pets’: The world of Singapore’s carnivorous plant lovers

    From Little Shop Of Horrors to Mario Bros’ Piranha plants, carnivorous plants such as the Venus flytrap are the stuff of pop culture nightmares.
  7. AirBnb said Japan's government had required it to cancel all reservations with hosts that have

    Airbnb cancellations: What you need to know if you're travelling to Japan

    A new Japanese law on private lodging services is set to take effect on Jun 15, causing thousands of booking cancellations. CNA Lifestyle explains ...
  8. Facebook Dating Secret Crush app Singapore

    Experiencing Tinder fatigue? Facebook launches its Dating feature in Singapore

    The new feature will also be available in 18 other countries, including Malaysia. If you’re not looking for strangers, there’s also a Secret Crush ...
  9. Kickstarter campaigns Singapore

    Singapore on Kickstarter: Screaming tissue boxes, phone forks and other oddities

    As the world’s largest online crowdfunding platform turns 10, CNA Lifestyle takes a look at some of the more unique ideas to have come out of the ...
  10. Inch Chua IAE 2018 Slides (208 of 296)_mod

    Visit Antarctica for penguins, icebergs and seals – but don't add to its destruction

    It's like walking into a desktop wallpaper, said Singapore singer-songwriter Inch Chua, whose month in Antarctica has resulted in a theatre ...