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  1. Singapore gaming company BattleBrew Productions

    Nerf battles and banana costumes: Welcome to work at this Singapore gaming company

    BattleBrew Productions’ 34-year-old CEO Shawn Toh shares how they went from dreaming over Mala hotpot to creating the popular BattleSky Brigade ...
  2. how not to get drunk and embarrass yourself work colleagues alcohol limit

    Social drinking 101: How not to get drunk and embarrass yourself in front of people

    Certain social situations might call for a tipple or two. But what if you can’t handle your drink well? CNA Lifestyle tells you all you need to ...
  3. Coldest holiday getaways Southeast Asia Baguio

    Chill out: Cool weather holiday destinations in Southeast Asia throughout the year

    Why wait for winter or travel far for cooler climates? From the Vietnamese mountain town of Sapa to the Philippines’ ‘summer capital’ of Baguio, ...
  4. SPARK Fest Video Series BreakTheWall what Singaporeans want to know about sex

    5 things Singaporeans want to know about sex – but are afraid to ask

    Sex and relationship counsellor Erin Chen, founder of sexual wellness event Spark Fest Asia, tells CNA Lifestyle about our most frequently asked ...
  5. My childhood Chinatown (Yip Yew Chong Victor Yue Charmaine Leung)

    My childhood Chinatown: How I lived with prostitutes, gangs, corpses

    Secret societies. Dead bodies laid out in the open. An entire street full of brothels. Three Singaporeans share stories of growing up in Chinatown ...
  6. Arabica Coffee_mod

    Popular Kyoto coffee shop % Arabica Coffee to open in Singapore

  7. Sleep

    Feeling sleepy at work? The importance of power naps and where to take them in busy Singapore

    With Singaporeans having one of the longest working hours in the world, maybe it’s time to consider taking a 20-minute snooze. CNA Lifestyle looks ...
  8. A hearty plate of kupat tahu for breakfast in Bandung

    Celebrate Asia: No bandung in Bandung but there’s great coffee and street food

    In our ongoing series looking at unique people, places and food in the region, CNA Lifestyle had a taste of the growing cafe culture and vibrant ...
  9. Two Tagbanua people on an outrigger canoe along the coast of Coron Island in Palawan

    Celebrate Asia: For Palawan's islanders, a beautiful but tough life in paradise

    In our ongoing series looking at unique people, places and food in the region, CNA Lifestyle met the Tagbanua, the indigenous people who live in ...
  10. Palawan Coron_mod

    Island-hopping: Feeding giraffes and exploring WWII shipwrecks in Palawan

    From a surprise safari to majestic limestone cliffs, CNA Lifestyle explores the hidden gems of this Philippine beach destination. (It's totally ...