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Mayo Martin

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Singapore video game museum James Cook University (5)_mod (1)

    Atari, Mario and more: Hands on at Singapore’s only video game museum

    One of Singapore’s most unusual museums, the JCU Museum Of Video And Computer Games, offers a glimpse into the history of gaming – and you can try ...
  2. Lucy Liu Shubigi Rao Singapore (3)_mod

    Lucy Liu in Singapore: Art, Charlie’s Angels and picking things up on the street

    The American actress shows off her artistic side in a joint exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore with Singaporean artist Shubigi Rao.
  3. Batik Singapore Oniatta Effendi Baju (4)

    Dye dye must try: Singapore’s batik culture gets a fashion and art makeover

    With batik seeing a resurgence in popularity in recent years, CNA Lifestyle takes a quick look at how the art form has been embraced as well as ...
  4. Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Melbourne (3)

    Melbourne’s magical moment with Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

    You don’t have to fly all the way to London or New York to catch Harry, Hermione and the gang onstage. CNA Lifestyle was in Melbourne to check out ...
  5. worst type of tourist Hero 1

    The world's worst types of tourists: From 'begpackers' to exhibitionists

    From backpackers begging on the streets to a family that terrorised an entire country, here are some of the world’s worst tourists. You’ve been ...
  6. Open House 2011 Marine Parade 3

    Kampong spirit and kaypoh intentions: 10 years of letting strangers into our homes

    OH! Open House has spent a decade doing art tours inside Singapore homes. Which neighbourhood has been the most welcoming? And why did a property ...
  7. Chef Ming Tan Jam at Siri House Park Bench Deli Lolla_mod

    Fighting youthful insecurity and emotions to prove himself to older chefs

    Chef Ming Tan of Jam at Siri House has helmed some of the most exciting F&B hot spots. But in the beginning, it was a 's***show' for someone who ...
  8. Kumari Nahappan chilli artist CNA Luxury Hero_mod

    Meet the Singaporean who’s spicing up the art scene with her giant chillies

    From her nutmeg sculpture at ION Orchard to a pair of intertwined chilli peppers at next month’s Venice Biennale, Kumari Nahappan gives us a taste ...
  9. Inch Chua IAE 2018 Slides (208 of 296)_mod

    Visit Antarctica for penguins, icebergs and seals – but don't add to its destruction

    It's like walking into a desktop wallpaper, said Singapore singer-songwriter Inch Chua, whose month in Antarctica has resulted in a theatre ...
  10. Sustainable lifestyle Sprout Farmers Market CNA Lifestyle Sprout Edible Garden City

    Going eco-friendly: Can you really pursue a sustainable lifestyle in Singapore?

    Singapore’s largest farmers market, Sprout, returns this weekend to put the spotlight on sustainable living once more. But just how successful has ...