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  1. The cast of Crazy Rich Asians at their Hollywood premiere

    Commentary: Crazy Rich Asians, a single story cannot a complete narrative make

    Let’s acknowledge that a movie like Crazy Rich Asians is not and cannot be a definitive depiction of what and who we are, says Channel NewsAsia's ...
  2. Woffles Wu_1

    Poverty, plastic surgery and a traffic offence that hit the headlines: Dr Woffles Wu goes On the Record

  3. Grace Fu Asian Games flag

    Commentary: Is having 'no specific target' tantamount to 'no vision' for Singapore sports?

    Realistic targets can have the effect of inspiring initiatives that propel us towards excellence but there's also a case to be made for not ...
  4. A photo illustration shows the Uber app and a black cab in London,

    Commentary: Ride-hailing apps – consumers have to ‘suck it up’ as larger issues are tackled

    Commuters might have to embrace ebb and flow in the ride-hailing market, but whatever happened to sustainable business practices?
  5. elderly wheelchair disabled file

    Commentary: Government transfers and social assistance - Who deserves them? Who doesn’t?

    We all want social spending to reach the right people to improve societal outcomes, but this requires us to agree on who needs help and how to ...