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  1. TP fake reviews 3

    Commentary: Amid rampant online deceit, consumers need to grow up and beware

    We can all wish to go back to simpler days when trial and error were the primary factors that determined purchasing decisions but it's time to ...
  2. file singapore school students laptops phones

    Commentary: For greater social mobility, should the role of privilege in our education system be reassessed?

    No system should stop parents from investing in their children, but any system should attempt to minimise inequalities, says Channel NewsAsia's ...
  3. NUS graduates at commencement ceremony

    Commentary: Is academic competition really necessary to be the best than we can be?

    Our education system has to reward more than just examination prowess. As individuals, we too need to learn to do the same or risk losing valuable ...
  4. OTR Daniel Boey 4

    On the Record: Daniel Boey, 'godfather of Singapore fashion'

    With almost three decades in the fashion industry, fashion consultant, show producer and director and reality TV show judge Daniel Boey is known ...
  5. Kirpal Singh_2_SWF (1)

    On the Record: Kirpal Singh, poet, literary and cultural critic

    A long-time proponent of literature, Kirpal Singh has long-held views on the quality of political discourse and the Singaporean identity, and ...
  6. Cleaner Singapore

    Commentary: Amid concerns over dollars and cents, is there no room for social responsibility?

    We need to step back to fairly measure the true value of the work that low-wage workers do, in order to ensure progression, dignity and fairness ...