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Lianne Chia

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. The Kohs are surprised and gratified by the response to their story by CNA Insider on raising Elliot

    ‘He’s a happy baby’: Touched by support, couple whose child was born blind reply to readers

    Since their story was published, Eric and Wei Shi have received messages of encouragement, linked up with parents of other visually impaired ...
  2. lc fatherhood Alif

    From late-night diaper changes to honest conversations: 6 men on being hands-on fathers 

    One is a brand-new dad. Another’s a widowed single father. And then there’s the Boomer who watches YouTube recipe videos to cook for his kids 
  3. Eric, baby Elliot and Wei Shi, a family full of hopes — and fears too. (Photo: Goh Chiew Tong)

    They grieved when their baby was born blind. Now they see a world of possibilities for him

    Eric and Wei Shi panicked at first: How could they raise Elliot to be like everyone else? Would he lag developmentally? Could he ever be rich and ...
  4. Standard Chartered Holland Village

    Manhunt for Standard Chartered bank robber at Holland Village

    Police officers are searching for a suspect, said to be a Caucasian male wearing a cap, according to a caller to the Mediacorp hotline.
  5. Can filtered water help to prevent cancer? Talking Point gets the answer from a food scientist.

    Why filtered water may not be as clean or beneficial as you think

    Given that Singapore’s tap water is among the cleanest in the world, are water filters necessary in this country? Could they be doing more harm ...
  6. Sorting through rubble to mine for mica, the mineral that gives beauty products their sparkle.

    Make-up’s ugly secret: The plight of India’s poor miners behind the beauty industry

    Mica is the mineral that gives a sparkle to an array of products, from eye shadow to lip gloss. But what consumers do not see is a deadly trade ...
  7. How a 10-year-old raised S$250,000 for charity in one year video thumbnail
    Media playtime

    How a 10-year-old raised S$250,000 for charity in one year

    She's only 10, but over the past year, she's managed to raise S$250,000 for charity through online campaigns. What's Rui Jie's secret? Watch to ...
  8. Chng Rui Jie, a 10-year-old Primary Four pupil, raised S$250,000 for charity online within a year.

    A 10-year-old girl raised over S$250,000 for charity online. This is how she did it

    Chng Rui Jie started out with a desire to help hungry rabbits. With some help from her father, she has gone on to run 18 online campaigns for ...
  9. A nurse caring for a patient in a Philippine hospital.

    Underpaid and overworked, Philippine nurses would rather walk away than work at home

    They are a familiar sight in hospitals round the world, yet their country faces a nursing shortage. COVID-19 has exposed a healthcare system in ...
  10. Looking for love
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    Looking for love

    Can a person with disability have sex? How do they find someone who'll love them as they are, and not see them as a burden? These are questions ...