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  1. Can he consummate a marriage? Will any children he has “be like him”? Alex has faced such questions.

    I want a wife, not a maid: When a man with cerebral palsy looks for love, intimacy

    Like many of his peers, Alex, 33, craves companionship and a family of his own in future. But his disability is not the only challenge. He must ...
  2. Looking for love
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    Looking for love

    Can a person with disability have sex? How do they find someone who'll love them as they are, and not see them as a burden? These are questions ...
  3. Singapore Airlines has been one of the most affected by Covid-19.

    COVID-19 grounded thousands of planes. Here’s what happens to them

    From closing thousands of window shades to keeping out tiny insects, the work does not stop for aircraft engineers just because their planes are ...
  4. Mark Rusli is one of the Jurong Bird Park's four hand-rearers.

    He’s a ‘foster parent’ raising baby birds by hand, helping to save threatened species

    There is delight in seeing hatchlings poo, and special care in preparing their formula milk. Mark Rusli knows all about the challenges and ...
  5. The ward can house up to 50 patients in dedicated isolation units. (Photo: Try Sutrisno Foo)

    50 beds in 50 days: How SGH turned a car park into a COVID-19 isolation ward

    Air-conditioned single rooms with en-suite toilets, wearable biosensors and an in-room smartphone for patients to call for help — Singapore ...