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Lianne Chia

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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    Bursting at the seams: Singapore's cast-off clothing

    More than 156,000 tonnes of textile and leather waste was thrown away by Singaporeans last year, but only 8 per cent of such waste is recycled.
  2. A person in Singapore on dating app Tinder.

    Flirting with danger: Singapore teens on Tinder

    Despite "security measures" in place, teenagers appear to be using dating apps like Tinder to meet older people.
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    ‘It’s not just hair loss’: One woman's triumph over alopecia areata

    Chan See Ting enjoys dressing up and looking good. But when she lost all her hair, she learnt valuable lessons of faith, courage and identity.
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    A stand-in mum for an older child: Fostering kids who struggle to find a home

    More children are being placed on the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s fostering scheme. But there is still a need for foster parents ...
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    In post-quake Nepal, rebuilding schools is an important but challenging task

    The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) estimates that about 4,000 schools were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. Two years on, rebuilding these schools has ...
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    Building for the future: In post-quake Nepal, masons learn new skills

    Nepalese masons have not only learnt to build earthquake-resilient buildings as part of a training initiative by Singapore-based NGO Mercy Relief.
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    Sea views, flowing streams and a great workout: A day hike in Hong Kong’s New Territories

    If you think Hong Kong’s only good for eating and shopping, this hike through the Plover Cove Country Park will make you think again.
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    Determination and a desperate daughter’s plea: The ban mian seller who turned her life around

    Alone, penniless and with a young child to take care of, Mdm Vivian Leong was once on the brink of suicide. But a desperate plea from her daughter ...
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    On The Job as a hawker assistant: Long hours, stifling heat but great job satisfaction

    In the new series where Channel NewsAsia journalists try working in some of Singapore’s essential but undervalued jobs, Lianne Chia tries her hand ...
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    These people make dying patients’ last wishes a reality

    Healthcare workers in palliative care tell us what patients typically wish to do as they are on their deathbeds, and what some of the things they ...