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  1. Ms Luz Rivera and Ms Laila Laudencia

    Lucky Plaza accident: I could have been killed, if I hadn't gone to buy chocolate

    Ms Luz Rivera was part of a group of friends having a party at the walkway near Lucky Plaza on Sunday (Dec 29). She happened to leave early, ...
  2. shanmugam_thumbnail_parl (1)

    Singapore to make fight against drugs a 'national priority': Shanmugam

    Responding to a motion filed in Parliament on Tuesday (Apr 4), the Minister for Home Affairs and Law said Singapore will also review its strategy ...
  3. New Content Item

    Tighter security rules to be introduced for buildings, events: Desmond Lee

    The Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs says the Government is mindful of the potential impact on businesses.
  4. Integration Farrer Park main 2

    Friends from other lands: The unique challenges of international students at one primary school

    One is grappling with English; another with local food; a third takes tuition in her native Russian and Mandarin. At neighbourhood schools like ...
  5. Shamri1

    They used to race for money. Now, man and horse help heal the human spirit

    No longer wanted as race, polo or riding mounts, these horses found a home at EQUAL - where ex-jockeys like Shamri Shamsudin show them how to ...
  6. Life as an international student at a Singapore primary school 
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    Life as an international student at a Singapore primary school 

    Even before preparing for the PSLE, international students in neighbourhood schools must learn to adapt to local food and other ...
  7. Horses that heal: A second chance at life for the unwanted
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    Horses that heal: A second chance at life for the unwanted

    Former jockey Shamri Samsudin used to race horses for the money and thrills. Now, he's helping retired horses find a more fulfilling life - in ...
  8. Medical social worker Melissa Chew's job entails bringing comfort to both the living and the dead.

    When all a patient has at death’s door is one last hope, she steps in

    Melissa Chew's job as a medical social worker includes reuniting families, even at the eleventh hour, and tracking down a dead person’s next of ...
  9. Thomson fruit seller 2

    I sell fruits because it’s fun: 97-year-old granny in viral post sees wave of kindness

    The day after a Facebook post about the elderly Thomson fruit seller went viral, one customer gave her S$100 for all her stock, just 30 minutes ...
  10. The visually impaired makeup artist
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    The visually impaired makeup artist

    He was a Mariah Carey/Tyra Banks-channelling drag artiste, and for over a decade, enjoyed his dream job as a makeup artist with MAC. Life was ...