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  1. PAP CEC 6

    PAP only has two years left to prepare for next GE: Lee Hsien Loong

  2. Blinded at 47 - then came an unusual job offer
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    Blinded at 47 - then came an unusual job offer

    Overnight, Bernard Chew discovered what it was like to be blind. Then 47, he'd been a drama teacher, triathlete, national dragon boater - then his ...
  3. MSF Firmenich bernard sc and shawn 2 (1)

    He lost his sight at 47 - a fragrance company helped give him his life back

    Former teacher Bernard Chew fell into despair when he went blind practically overnight. Then a company called Firmenich – and a woman who believed ...
  4. Release of PSLE results at St Hilda’s Primary School on Nov 22, 2013. Photo : Ernest Chua

    Students to be graded on 'achievement levels' in PSLE from 2021

    Students taking the PSLE will be graded with Achievement Levels (AL) of 1 to 8 in each subject, with their final score made up of the sum of these ...
  5. Mineral water bottle drinking

    What will it take to kick Singapore's growing multimillion-dollar addiction to bottled water?

    Singapore is known the world over for the quality of its tap water. Nonetheless, consumers here still fork out millions of dollars on bottled ...
  6. The male pre-school teacher
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    The male pre-school teacher

    How would you feel about your child having a man for a pre-school teacher? When Lorbert Tay joined the early childhood sector, winning the hearts ...
  7. Male preschool teachers main

    Battling stigma and distrust, male pre-school teachers find joy in shaping young minds

    With men making up fewer than 1 per cent of pre-school educators in Singapore, those in the sector may need to work extra hard to prove themselves ...
  8. Rayner Loi (left) and his team, with their invention for reducing food waste, one dustbin at a time.

    From finance undergrad to food waste warrior, with a made-in-Singapore invention

    Rayner Loi hit the pause button on school to become the CEO of a technology start-up building AI trackers that make dustbins smart enough to ...
  9. proposal 2

    Would you pay thousands for professional help to ask ‘Will you marry me’? Some people say ‘I do’

    There is an increasing trend of men seeking the help of professionals to propose to their significant others, with some spending thousands of dollars.