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Justin Ong

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Batam sex 2

    'Don’t have younger?’ Battling Batam’s festering issue of youth and child sexual exploitation

    Singaporeans contribute to the “high demand” for prostitution and sexual exploitation of teens on the Indonesian island, say local agencies.
  2. shockwave therapy 2

    The painless, potent ‘shock’ treatment for men who struggle to perform in bed

    Compared to the likes of Viagra, shockwave therapy remains a less mainstream remedy for erectile dysfunction. But some doctors and patients in ...
  3. russia asian food 5

    From Peking duck to wok hei noodles, Russia’s far-flung cities warm to Asian cuisine

    While commonplace in the likes of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Chinese, Japanese and fusion Oriental fare remain “strange and unusual” to Russians ...
  4. New Content Item

    ‘Who wants ugly hands?’: Made-in-Singapore kungfu falls out of local favour, but flourishes in Greece

    Only two Singaporean “chapkoondo” practitioners remain: One of them is co-founder and grandmaster Steven Leong Siew Wah, formerly a globetrotting ...
  5. New Content Item

    Why do we still SMS?

    It has gradually declined alongside the rise of WhatsApp and other messaging apps - yet with hundreds of millions of texts still being sent and ...
  6. child abuse profile

    As child abuse reports rise, Singapore agencies shore up protection efforts

    Government and private organisations alike are expanding initiatives to detect, handle and raise awareness of child abuse.
  7. Asia Default Image

    ‘Everyone’s high - they gonna arrest everyone?’ Southeast Asian students and the lure of drugs in Australia

    In the second of two stories on Australia's drugs scene, Channel NewsAsia looks at the issue through the lens of the thousands of young students ...
  8. aus drugs town 1

    In this picturesque Australian seaside town, it’s ‘easier to get drugs delivered to your house than pizza’

    An escalating ice problem is “screwing lives up”, tearing families apart and generating crime in the sleepy, wealthy locality of Mornington.
  9. cambodia series 2 - photo 1

    ‘We will remember forever’: Inside the search for Singapore’s drowned dragonboaters

    Cambodian officials relive a challenging 40-hour operation to recover five bodies from the vast Tonle Sap river in 2007.
  10. cambodia series 1 - photo 1

    I escaped death. 5 of my teammates didn’t

    10 years ago in Cambodia, Channel NewsAsia’s Justin Ong was a member of the Singaporean national dragonboat crew struck by tragedy. He recalls ...