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  1. Elderly people gather to play a checkers game

    NDR 2018: ‘Merdeka Generation’ healthcare package for Singaporeans born in ’50s

    It will cover similar areas as the Pioneer Generation Package, but cater to the medical needs of a group mostly in their 60s today.
  2. HDB and private property

    NDR 2018: Why are HDB leases 99 years long? PM Lee explains

    The prime minister said that HDB flats must be returned to the state after 99 years for the sake of future generations and for social and ...
  3. massage parlour raided (1)

    A 'cat and mouse game': Unlicensed massage parlours feel the heat from new laws

    While unlicensed masseuses question the efficacy of stricter legislation, the police remain committed to clamping down on such businesses.
  4. drone sky afp

    'Sky's the limit' in Singapore's bid to become a drone hub

    As public and private entities here continue to explore the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, observers predict a “rapid and astronomical growth” ...
  5. A vehicle drives past a billboard bearing the logo of the Islamic State group in Syria's Deir

    How 2 Singaporeans got back on the ‘right track’ after ‘dark path’ of radicalisation

    One wanted to take up arms in jihad, the other was ready to die fighting ISIS - but after being detained, they now see themselves successfully ...
  6. mafia cemetery 8

    Grand to the end: The Russian mafia bosses buried in strange, lavish tombs

    Extravagantly detailed murals and full-body sculptures of rumoured former gangsters can be found at a sprawling graveyard the size of 400 football ...
  7. croatia world cup reax

    Commentary: Singapore, don’t let this World Cup lesson go to waste

    The Croatian adventure - and that of all the other underdogs in Russia - can help us learn and change something about our sporting culture, ...
  8. russia asian food 5

    From Peking duck to wok hei noodles, Russia’s far-flung cities warm to Asian cuisine

    While commonplace in the likes of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Chinese, Japanese and fusion Oriental fare remain “strange and unusual” to Russians ...
  9. russian football kids

    Russian World Cup fairy tale ignites belief among future generations

    A football school in host city Rostov-on-Don has seen membership grow before and especially during the tournament, as Russia’s children begin to ...
  10. cossack 15

    For Russian ‘samurai’ guarding the World Cup, an uneasy pact of tradition and tolerance

    Part paramilitary outfit, part costume club, the Cossacks and their deep, coloured history have been thrust onto the global stage by the ...