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  1. lou engle 2

    Screening of foreign preachers in Singapore: Why and what's next?

    After an incident where a foreign preacher was said to have stepped beyond acceptable norms in Singapore, the Ministry of Home Affairs outlines ...
  2. Ikea Singapore

    IKEA Singapore gives Malaysian staff extra day of leave to vote in elections

    Malaysia’s 14th general election will fall on Wednesday (May 9), which has been declared a public holiday for the country. 
  3. lee wei kong 2

    ‘There’s still hope he can live a normal life’

    Lee Wei Kong couldn’t walk or talk after a horrific road accident 12 years ago. Today he has a job, wife and two daughters - but the struggle ...
  4. cltpa profiles 2

    ‘Most gang members fear detention without trial ... I didn't expect it would be me'

    A police officer from the Secret Societies Branch and a former detainee talk about how Singapore’s Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act has ...
  5. aus drugs town 1

    In this picturesque Australian seaside town, it’s ‘easier to get drugs delivered to your house than pizza’

    An escalating ice problem is “screwing lives up”, tearing families apart and generating crime in the sleepy, wealthy locality of Mornington.
  6. singapore escorts 1

    The ‘demand and supply’ fuelling Singapore’s premium foreign sex industry

    Unlike the streetwalkers openly prowling red-light districts, these women operate under a shroud of secrecy and discretion - yet are a ubiquitous ...
  7. (na)Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong and Singapore Mufti Fatris Bakaram

    Singapore pastor apologises to Muslim leaders for US preacher’s alleged statements on Islam

    Pastor Yang Tuck Yoong’s Cornerstone Community Church had invited the American Christian personality Lou Engle to speak at a Singapore event in March.
  8. toc eds select comm

    Non-mainstream media journalists call for Freedom of Information Act to fight fake news

    A former editor of The Online Citizen was asked by a member of the parliamentary committee on deliberate online falsehoods if such an Act would ...