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Justin Ong

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Johor tourism water park

    Johor rethinks efforts to trump Singapore at tourism

    Two major projects might have been placed on the chopping board as Malaysia’s new government looks toward benefiting the people “first and foremost”.
  2. Johor race 1

    Johor state government committed to helping people regardless of race

    As the dust settles on Pakatan Harapan’s historic victory in Johor, the new state government’s plan to push towards helping people based on their ...
  3. Johor royalty 1

    Johor’s new leaders eye strong ties with royal family

    The new state government has pledged to consult the Sultan of Johor for his views and feedback on key projects in the state.
  4. causeway 1

    Clearing the Causeway: Johor pledges smoother journey by any means necessary

    The new state government will explore short-term solutions such as travellators to long-term ones like a rapid train - alongside an “ultimate ...
  5. croatia world cup reax

    Commentary: Singapore, don’t let this World Cup lesson go to waste

    The Croatian adventure - and that of all the other underdogs in Russia - can help us learn and change something about our sporting culture, ...
  6. Batam sex 2

    'Don’t have younger?’ Battling Batam’s festering issue of youth and child sexual exploitation

    Singaporeans contribute to the “high demand” for prostitution and sexual exploitation of teens on the Indonesian island, say local agencies.
  7. shockwave therapy 2

    The painless, potent ‘shock’ treatment for men who struggle to perform in bed

    Compared to the likes of Viagra, shockwave therapy remains a less mainstream remedy for erectile dysfunction. But some doctors and patients in ...
  8. russia asian food 5

    From Peking duck to wok hei noodles, Russia’s far-flung cities warm to Asian cuisine

    While commonplace in the likes of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Chinese, Japanese and fusion Oriental fare remain “strange and unusual” to Russians ...
  9. New Content Item

    ‘Who wants ugly hands?’: Made-in-Singapore kungfu falls out of local favour, but flourishes in Greece

    Only two Singaporean “chapkoondo” practitioners remain: One of them is co-founder and grandmaster Steven Leong Siew Wah, formerly a globetrotting ...
  10. New Content Item

    Why do we still SMS?

    It has gradually declined alongside the rise of WhatsApp and other messaging apps - yet with hundreds of millions of texts still being sent and ...