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  1. Train to Bishan: how to make a great Singapore horror film

    Horror masterclass: What it takes to make Singapore's version of Train To Busan

    Hit zombie movie Train To Busan’s director Yeon Sang-ho, Satan’s Slave’s filmmaker Joko Anwar, and Singapore's Eric Khoo share their recipes for ...
  2. Scream Asia Film Festival Eric Khoo

    Singapore’s first ever horror film festival will start scaring on Oct 19 | CNA Lifestyle Exclusive

    Horror filmmaking masterclasses by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho and Indonesian auteur Joko Anwar are some of the highlights of the ...
  3. made in singapore gin tanglin gin brass lion CNA Lifestyle

    Singapore spirits: An orchid gin and a Singapore dry distilled in the Lion City

    Who knew there was made-in-Singapore gin to enjoy? CNA Lifestyle checks in with locally based distilleries Tanglin Gin and Brass Lion Distillery.
  4. Sandi Tan and Sophie Siddique in a scene from Shirkers Singapore documentary Netflix Sundance

    How a Victoria JC student lost her film in 1992 and found a Netflix debut 26 years later

    Sandi Tan’s film about a teenage killer was stolen by its director. She tells CNA Lifestyle about how piecing together that mystery became her ...
  5. Sammi Cheng First Night Nerves

    Hong Kong superstar Sammi Cheng is coming to Singapore on Dec 7

    The actress-singer will be in town to present her Stanley Kwan film First Night Nerves at this year’s Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF).
  6. Singapore International Film Festival Eerie Mikhail Red World Premiere CNA Lifestyle Experience 1

    2018 Singapore International Film Festival: Highlights and how to get invited

    There's something for everyone, from the launch of a new film fund to a line-up of Singapore and regional offerings, to an exclusive CNA Lifestyle ...
  7. main real singapore zombies CNA Lifestyle

    Citizens, beware! The real-life Singapore 'zombies' that shuffle amongst us

    With the world premiere of Singapore’s first zombie movie Zombiepura, CNA Lifestyle takes a cheeky lookout for examples of the living dead that ...
  8. Manhattan_Photo_Jannis Tobias Werner_Shutterstock

    Where to eat (even more) in NYC now that you've saved time flying direct

    Sure, you've got your list of "famous" restaurants to check off – but now that you've got those extra hours in Manhattan, squeeze in an extra meal ...
  9. The Pontianak-one of Asia's scariest ghouls

    Halloween doesn't scare us. We're Asian – we've got the pontianak all year round

    Dracula, who? CNA Lifestyle takes a look at the legend of one of Asia's most iconic ghouls, avenging injustices against women in misogynistic ...
  10. Muttons empire restaurants Vernon Justin Fook Kin 3 CNA Lifestyle

    Is Singapore's latest F&B empire being built by these cheeky Muttons?

    With the launch of their third food establishment, Class 95 deejay duo Justin Ang and Vernon A tell CNA Lifestyle about their dastardly plan to ...