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  1. Increasing trend of younger people seeking help for sex and porn addiction

  2. Singapore records increase in skin donations over the last 3 years

    Over the last three years,  Singapore has seen an increase in skin donations for those who need grafts after serious burns.
  3. Singapore doctors help Bangladesh hospitals improve treatment of burn patients

  4. First case of laughing gas addiction treated in Singapore

  5. HSA investigating sale of DIY dental kits online

  6. Nearly 300 complaints against dental practitioners in last 4 years: Singapore Dental Association

  7. Student with special needs given wrong PSLE paper

    The Pei Chun Public School student was supposed to be issued the Chinese listening comprehension paper at a foundation level but was given a ...
  8. More kids in Singapore seeking help for mental health issues

    The Education Ministry will roll out a student peer support programme at all primary and secondary schools by 2019 to encourage young people to ...