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  1. The surreal beauty of Aoshima in the Miyazaki Prefecture makes this a great place to visit

    Channel NewsAsia’s correspondent Michiyo Ishida takes us to one of the most legendary islands in Japan.
  2. Enjoy a taste of France at this bistro in Tokyo

    Channel NewsAsia’s Tokyo correspondent Michiyo Ishida shows us one of her favourite food haunts in Shinjuku.
  3. 6 years on, towns affected by Japan's Mar 11 tsunami continue on an uphill struggle

    The road to recovery for the affected towns and residents who survived the Mar 11, 2011 tsunami has been a tough one.
  4. In this divided town, two Okinawans’ dreams hinge on US election outcome

    Controversy over US bases divide a neighbour who wants them gone, and another who thinks they are the key to reviving the town's fortunes.
  5. After Fukushima, Japan turns to geothermal power for energy

    Japan’s largest geothermal plant – the Hatchobaru Geothermal Power Station – is located in Oita, southern Japan. Its total output is 110,000 ...
  6. Tokyo prepares to elect new governor

    The four major candidates clash on key issues during a debate on Wednesday (Jul 13) at Japan National Press Club, a day before campaigning ...
  7. First nationwide data shows stomach, colon, breast cancers most common in Japan

    Japan's National Cancer Center released the country's very first data on cancer patients on Wednesday (Jun 29) and it highlighted the most common ...
  8. Recycling appliances in Japan hits the cutting edge

    As part of Mediacorp's annual Saving Gaia effort, Channel NewsAsia Japan Bureau Chief Michiyo Ishida checks out some cutting-edge technology at a ...
  9. Hiroshima survivors look forward to Obama's visit

    Barack Obama will offer a tribute on Friday at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in the first-ever visit by a sitting US President.
  10. Japan's FM to visit China in bid to restore ties

    The issue of maritime disputes is one topic that will be discussed by Fumio Kishida at the bilateral talks.