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Lin Xueling

Presenter at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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    Malaysian singer Yuna talks about dressing as a Muslim and life in Trump’s America

    The Los Angeles-based indie-pop superstar tells Conversation With that she is frustrated with people dictating what women should wear, but also ...
  2. Wang Huiyao

    Adviser to Chinese government says Trump is 'more pragmatic' now

    Dr Wang Huiyao, an adviser to the Chinese government, says US President Trump's manner of dealing with China has shifted from being extreme to ...
  3. Top AI guru Lee Kai-Fu has a social media following of more than 50 million people.

    If robots do everything, then what will we do? Will people marry robots in future?

    When China's top artificial intelligence guru Lee Kai-Fu talks about how AI is reshaping the world, people listen. And he predicts big changes in ...
  4. A Chilean Mapuche teacher reads books to Mapuche children at their school in Temuco.

    Want your children to read more? Then set an example: Award-winning author

    So many parents themselves don’t read these days, laments Man Asian Literary Award winner Tan Twan Eng, who says a house without books is not a ...
  5. Olli Heinonen headed the inspection team in 2007 who monitored North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear site.

    ‘Get it right this time’ for US-North Korea deal: Former chief weapons inspector

    This fourth attempt at denuclearisation must lead to the removal of all nuclear materials from North Korea, warns former IAEA deputy director general.
  6. Suresh Prabhu Made his name as India’s Minister for Railways

    WTO needs to be reformed, not destroyed, says Indian trade minister

    Dismantling the organization that US President Donald Trump has threated to pull out of would be a disaster for world trade, says Suresh Prabhu.