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  1. TT coffee cups

    Paper cups not an environmentally-friendly option here either: Experts

    They take up more resources than Styrofoam and largely are not recycled here, the series Trash Trail finds out.
  2. GC vendcafe 1

    2 vending machine cafes to open at Ang Mo Kio, Lakeside MRT stations

    Two more VendCafes will also open in the heartlands of Rivervale and Pasir Ris by mid-2017, reveals JR Group founder Jocelyn Chng who is profiled ...
  3. TT fridges 2

    Toxic fridge gases not being properly handled in Singapore

    New series The Trash Trail investigates and discovers that discarded household refrigerators are handled in ways unsafe for workers and the ...
  4. GC kenny leck1

    Bookseller, gambler, ah beng: How BooksActually’s Kenny Leck is changing the game

    “If ever anyone tells him ‘you can’t do it, you will just die’, Kenny will be like ‘no, I am not going to fail - I am just going to do it right’," ...
  5. sleep nanyang 1

    A big difference in students, after Nanyang Girls starts school later at 8.15am

    They are more energised and focused throughout the day, and school didn't even have to end later, thanks to careful planning. But how sustainable ...
  6. GC urban bjorn

    The urban farming pioneer who wants to feed the city’s soul

    Bjorn Low made the work of growing food in urban spaces ‘sexy’, but his other mission is to help city-dwellers reconnect with life. His story on ...
  7. GR JK shopfront

    From scents to sex: The business of Japan’s high school girls for hire

    Japanese men’s schoolgirl fantasies are driving a growing industry within - and sometimes beyond - the grey areas of the law, Get Rea! finds out
  8. ITF cycling main

    How Taipei made city cycling safe and easy

    Why cycling is up 30 per cent: Cheap bike rentals, bike-only lanes, and road space sacrificed for wider shared pathways.
  9. It Figures traffic ham

    To beat traffic jams, learn from the swarm

    An SUTD researcher says taking cars out of the hands of human drivers and using swarm intelligence tech can make road journeys smoother and safer.
  10. ITF wealth 2

    8 things you should know about Singapore’s wealth gap

    The gap between the wealthy and the poor is widening, and in countries like Singapore, it is increasingly being recognised as a cause for concern.