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  1. (dn) TP utilities main

    10 ways to slash your bill as water and electricity prices rise

    From recycling water from the washing machine, to switching to LEDs, Talking Point gets expert tips to help three households reduce their ...
  2. IMH painter 13

    In a mental ward for nearly 35 years, he paints old Singapore from memory - and he dreams

    A talented artist as a child, Sim Kah Lim's horizons abruptly shrank when he was warded as a teenager with schizophrenia. But he never lost his ...
  3. (dn) AA tuktuk main

    A Singaporean girl, a tuk-tuk driver from Cambodia and their unexpected friendship

    When Sofia Goh made a friend on her trip, she began a journey she will never forget. The new series Across Asean explores these special bonds ...
  4. (dn) Insight leftover men main

    These are the ‘leftover men’ of China, who just want to get married

    The country’s gender imbalance has reached epic proportions and is disrupting its social order. The programme Insight looks at what it means for ...
  5. (dn) TP hire purchase 7

    How a S$3,000 bill became S$30,000: The truth behind retailers' instalment plans

    Lured by low monthly repayments, some buy their electronics and furnishings on hire purchase, not realising how much higher the price will be in ...
  6. TP fake reviews 3

    Army of fake reviewers being built to dupe buyers, drive online sales

    Just one company has as many as 80,000 people, including from Singapore, who are paid to write positive things about products they have never ...
  7. home salon 14

    Trust and respect: Why Muslim women are this home salon owner's biggest clients

    Half of hairstylist Winnie Lai's customers in her HDB home are Malay-Muslims who appreciate the privacy. Some have become fast friends.
  8. US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are to hold their June 12 summit on

    The 68-year road to the Trump-Kim summit

    It began with the bloodied invasion of South Korea and 600,000 tonnes of bombs and napalm dropped on North Korea. There’s a weight of history ...
  9. TP dementia 12

    He’s 48, and already grappling with dementia

    More Singaporeans are being diagnosed with dementia at a younger age. Talking Point looks at the problems they face, as well as ways to prevent ...
  10. MYMD future food 7

    Grasshoppers with your lab-grown steak? Gross, but that’s food of the future

    Creepy crawlies and in-vitro meat may be just the answer when resources for food become scarce, as programme Money Mind discovers.