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  1. Canned food covers a wide spectrum, from luncheon meat and cream soup to chickpeas and green beans.

    Canned food: Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think

    It is often perceived to be less nutritious than fresh food, but if you know what to look out for, it can be a healthy alternative. The programme ...
  2. Mr Sim's 40-year wait
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    Mr Sim's 40-year wait

    Mr Sim Kah Lim, the artist who for 35 years painted in obscurity from behind the walls of the Institute of Mental Health, finally got his own ...
  3. Life after 35 years in a mental institution
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    Life after 35 years in a mental institution

    Diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teen, Sim Kah Lim was admitted to Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health at 15. An avid artist since the age of ...
  4. New hope for kitchen tools for the blind
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    New hope for kitchen tools for the blind

    Hopeful news: Toymaker Mighty Jaxx has offered to produce this young designer's kitchen tools for the blind.
  5. A robot bartender called Ratio.

    Can robots help to save the ailing F&B industry?

    They can mix a cocktail as fast as a human bartender can, and make coffee that tastes almost as good as a master’s brew, but can they address the ...
  6. yv manuf orphans main

    Lies, greed and heartbreak: How orphans are ‘made’ for the adoption industry

    Adopted by Swedish parents, one woman returns to India 23 years on for clues about her birth mother – and uncovers a web of lies, including how ...
  7. Asia waits with anxiety to see which of these candidates, Donald Trump or Joe Biden, will win.

    Trump or Biden? What impact the US election result may have on Asia

    With the clock ticking down to the US presidential election on Nov 3, the programme Insight finds out whether a second term for Donald Trump is ...
  8. Concern over antibiotic resistance may see consumers and farmers turn to other ways of rearing fowl.

    Antibiotics in chicken a cause for concern? And five other questions about poultry today

    There are many chicken products today, but the labels can often be misleading. The programme Talking Point investigates the meaty issues here, ...
  9. IMH facade

    It isn’t all about mental disorders — the little-known casework done in IMH’s emergency room

    Faced with job losses or pandemic-induced stress, more people are in need of help. These are just some of the cases the Institute of Mental ...
  10. Remus Er, 16, trades in limited edition sneakers on the resale market

    This 16-year-old can rake in S$30,000 a month reselling sneakers

    Amazed at the resale value of limited edition sneakers, Remus Er turned his hobby of collecting them into a profitable business - while balancing ...