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  1. (ry) Jaime in the midst of cutting fish fat

    Want lovelier fins? Pet fish get cosmetic fixes, as owners angle for perfection

    Such beauty enhancements are practised by fish traders in Singapore, and in demand among arowana and koi owners. But some are questioning the ...
  2. (dn) MM post Malaysia GE main

    What now for the High-Speed Rail and Malaysia’s East Coast Rail Link?

    The two mega projects may grind to a halt, before they even get started. The programme Money Mind finds out the considerations involved, and why ...
  3. TP PMD 11

    Why being hit by an e-scooter can be deadly - and a call to ban them from footpaths

    Capable of causing serious injuries even at the current legal speed limit, e-scooters are coming under more regulation – but some are arguing to ...
  4. Facing depression youth main Chia Xun An

    Under pressure at home and in school, youths battle depression

    One youngster heard voices in his head, another turned to self-harm to relieve her emotional distress. Depression can persist into adulthood if it ...
  5. Insight Hong Kong 1

    Hong Kong's brain drain: Why its young are losing hope and leaving

    Is the city about to lose its best and brightest as it did during the 1997 handover? The programme Insight looks at two key reasons some of them ...
  6. OTRD johor hiker 8

    'I knew my life was in danger': Singaporean hiker lost on Johor mountain

    She and a friend lived a four-day nightmare in Gunung Pulai forest, surrounded by wild animals. Clarice Lum opens up for the first time about the ...
  7. (dn) TP spy phone 1

    How your phone’s apps and features can be used to spy on you

    Smartphones have many built-in sensors, and you may be surprised at what app developers do to gain access to them and your personal details, as ...
  8. (dn) OTRD Rumah makan minang main pix

    Two brothers want the best for Rumah Makan Minang, but just can’t agree

    One has formal training, the other has street smarts and experience. Who’s right about changing their family-owned restaurant’s menu? As they’ve ...
  9. OTRD samys curry 8

    She wants to change up Samy’s Curry, but dad’s not ready to let go

    It’s had a good run since the 1950s, but should the famous family-run restaurant change with the times? That depends on whether you’re the ...
  10. SO taiwan granny 7

    Super granny, 81, climbs mountains, plays tennis and runs 7km every day

    After refusing knee surgery in her 50s, this Taiwanese senior started exercising instead - and went on to shatter track records and preconceptions ...