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  1. slumfood millionaire mumbai sohrab and street kids

    How Chinese fried noodles by a Muslim hawker became a hit in India’s biggest slum

    Dharavi may be one of the world’s most infamous slums but it is also a surprising melting pot of cultures, religion and food culture, as Slumfood ...
  2. Hong Kong police at Yau Ma Tei protest on Sep 6, 2020

    Is democracy in Hong Kong forever blunted?

    As China flexes its muscles with a new security law and the arrest of pro-democracy advocates, Insight asks if it marks the end of the territory’s ...
  3. slumfood millionaire Manila monok seller Loida

    How Manila’s slum hawkers turn unwanted food into delicacies for the poor

    Faced with food insecurity, the urban poor in Manila’s biggest slum have learnt to be resourceful with the food they eat and sell. The programme ...
  4. In a Covid-19 landscape, some people have had more time and flexibility to trade.

    Unable to resist a bargain, more Singaporeans turn to stock market amid COVID-19

    Retail investors are taking a chance on equities for several reasons, despite the woes on Main Street. And they have helped to drive the market rally.
  5. stock markets file photo

    Five things to know before investing in the stock market rally

    Think you can turn S$10,000 into S$100,000 in two years? Want to invest half your salary in equities, like one financial blogger does? The experts ...
  6. Human clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine began in Singapore in August.

    Singapore’s race for a vaccine: Can it be won before second wave of COVID-19 hits?

    Human clinical trials began last month at SingHealth’s Investigational Medicine Unit, and the programme Talking Point gains exclusive access to ...
  7. There are disposable masks, carbon filter masks, gill masks and even copper or nano-silver masks.

    Not all face masks are created equal — 7 things to consider to protect yourself

    Some are cheap, others are not only expensive but also said to kill viruses. How much protection do the various face masks really offer against ...
  8. John Low tells how he survived while drifting in the waters off Tioman to the South China Sea.

    Lost at sea for 4 days, Singaporean came near to death and lived to tell the tale

    From fighting off hallucinations to talking with his ‘timekeeper’, this 61-year-old tells the programme On The Red Dot how a routine boating trip ...
  9. Gitanjali and her husband, Vijaya Kumar, got married last month with help from a matchmaker.

    Why some Singaporeans still turn to Indian matchmakers — but for how long more?

    The tradition lingers, even with dating apps around. But in Singapore, it is not all like what a recent Netflix series portrays. And the relevance ...
  10. Amid the coronavirus economic recession in Singapore, there are mortgage savings to be made.

    Home loan rates are low — do you refinance or reprice? Five things to know

    As banks cut interest rates, it is an opportune time for home owners to review their monthly cash outlay and ease any financial strain possibly ...