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  1. GR Philippines criminal children main

    The Philippines’ little terrors, committing some of the most brazen crimes

    To deal with child criminals, some lawmakers are hoping to make offenders as young as nine criminally liable. The programme Get Real investigates ...
  2. Chongqing native Yang Jian, the owner of You Ma You La, is now a Singapore permanent resident.

    The farm boy who became owner of one of Singapore's largest mala xiang guo chains

    You Ma You La owner Yang Jian once struggled to find customers and almost had to shut down before a mini-lobster dish saved his business, as On ...
  3. Mr Koh Seng Choon of Dignity Kitchen makes it his business to help people with disabilities

    Money lost, a life claimed by suicide, but Dignity Kitchen’s founder never gave up

    There have been obstacles along the way, from naysayers to a lack of government funding to a forced relocation, but social entrepreneur Koh Seng ...
  4. Many of the deportees are unprepared for re-entry to Cambodia.

    Kicked out of the US, Cambodian migrants are sent to a home they’ve never known

    Separated from their family and friends, these deportees must fight against homesickness, depression and suicide as they adapt to their new lives.
  5. Richard Ashworth shares with social worker Ng Jek Mui the difficulties of being a sole caregiver.

    When carers are burnt out, who cares for them?

    They spend a good part of their lives looking after loved ones, and it sometimes can be debilitating. Talking Point finds out what happens when ...
  6. For every baby found abandoned, experts reckon that many more cases go unreported.

    Poor sex education, social exclusion leading mums in Malaysia to abandon babies

    The country is grappling with the problem of baby dumping as confused and fearful women struggle with various restrictions, from sex education to ...
  7. TP spy cam upskirt

    Spy cameras, illicit filming and upskirt photos: Are you being watched?

    Being unwittingly filmed is becoming a serious issue in Singapore, and for every hidden camera found and insult of modesty case reported, there ...
  8. maxwell hospital main

    The forgotten hospital off Maxwell Road

    It houses Singapore’s oldest lift, was a healing place for the poor, and has been called an architectural gem. Few know how this building behind ...
  9. The North Korean ghost ships range from primitive, wooden boats to large fishing trawlers.

    Why ghost ships, with a grim cargo of corpses, are washing up in Japan

    The theories range from North Korean espionage to fishing gone wrong. But no one knows for sure why these mystery ships have been turning up along ...
  10. Scammers busted, in a raid by Taiwan's Criminal Investigation Bureau.

    Phone scammers exposed: A web of deceit across the region

    From a Chinese county where scammers have found a home to a millionaire mastermind in Taiwan to newer operations in places like the Philippines, ...