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  1. A lady selling a portable fan via live stream.

    What you need to know about live-stream auctions, including ghost bidders

    It is the latest trend in online shopping, but can you really bag a good bargain in these auctions, or are you paying an invisible price for the ...
  2. China bamboo rats main

    Bamboo rats – eco-friendly answer to growing appetites for meat?

    Two vloggers may have found the perfect solution to China’s rising meat consumption – a critter some consider pests, the programme China’s Growing ...
  3. Digital payments

    Screwed up an e-wallet payment? Here’s how to get your money back

    This form of electronic transaction often offers little consumer protection, so when mistakes occur, are you still entitled to that money? Why It ...
  4. One of the images is a deepfake. Can you tell which one? (Answer: The one on the left.)

    Deepfakes, nudes and the threat to national security

    While it seems like a bit of entertaining video wizardry, deepfakes can make people say things they never did in real life and influence public ...
  5. Ralph Teo, 12, has been having therapy with the help of dogs such as Hope and Telly.

    Faced with PSLE anxiety, boy finds help - and joy - from therapy dogs

    Animal-assisted therapy is relatively new in Singapore, but some are turning to it to help them improve their emotional well-being. On The Red Dot ...
  6. TP drug addict 1

    Yuppie drug abusers are on the rise, and checking into S$19,000-a-month rehab centres abroad

    Today’s drug abusers are students and young professionals. Talking Point explores how some are going overseas at high cost to kick the habit - ...
  7. Why It Matters host Joshua Lim discovers how clutter in your digital space can have a marked impact.

    Digital clutter’s messing with your mind — here are 5 ways to ‘KonMari’ it

    We install more applications than we use and hoard too much data, putting ourselves at risk of not only cyber threats but also mental stress. Why ...
  8. Pork is Singapore’s second favourite meat, with more than 126,000 tonnes imported last year.

    What's making pork more expensive? There's a fatty belly factor

    Pork prices in Singapore have increased steadily owing to trends ranging from changing consumer preferences to rising oil prices, as For Food’s Sake!
  9. Singaporeans love to fly, but should they be less blase about air safety?

    How you can survive a plane crash (it’s not as rare as you think)

    Passengers can do a lot more to stay safe when flying, and avoid or even survive an accident. The programme Why It Matters finds out eight things ...
  10. Sim Kah Lim shows that there's hope of recovery from mental illness, even after so long.

    Life on the outside, after 35 years in a mental ward

    Committed to the IMH for schizophrenia, Sim Kah Lim receives an unexpected discharge thanks to his sister and his art — of which he's holding an ...