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  1. (dn) TP utilities main

    10 ways to slash your bill as water and electricity prices rise

    From recycling water from the washing machine, to switching to LEDs, Talking Point gets expert tips to help three households reduce their ...
  2. (dn) TP spy phone 1

    How your phone’s apps and features can be used to spy on you

    Smartphones have many built-in sensors, and you may be surprised at what app developers do to gain access to them and your personal details, as ...
  3. Insight vietnam brides main

    Raped, beaten and sold in China: Vietnam's kidnapped young brides

    More young girls from Vietnam are ending up in forced marriages in China, where the gender imbalance has created a demand for foreign brides, as ...
  4. Harsh Dalal, the CEO of software developer Team Labs, is the youngest in his firm, bar the interns.

    At 19, this Singapore Polytechnic student runs a US$25 million tech start-up

    Being the CEO of a business with 120 employees globally is hard enough, but teenager Harsh Dalal must also juggle classes, homework and, soon ...
  5. (dn) TP hire purchase 7

    How a S$3,000 bill became S$30,000: The truth behind retailers' instalment plans

    Lured by low monthly repayments, some buy their electronics and furnishings on hire purchase, not realising how much higher the price will be in ...
  6. TP dementia 12

    He’s 48, and already grappling with dementia

    More Singaporeans are being diagnosed with dementia at a younger age. Talking Point looks at the problems they face, as well as ways to prevent ...
  7. Mr Tan Chee Meng opens his stall at 7.30am, and usually by lunchtime, he’s out of fish balls.

    Fish balls made by hand and sold out daily? Meet one of a rare breed of hawkers

    Set in the traditional ways of his father, hawker Tan Chee Meng refuses to rely on machinery or pre-mixed paste to sell more fish ball noodles.
  8. Debbie Yam, 30, has a few ideas about how to take her family’s legacy to the next level.

    Can a millennial hawker rejuvenate her great-grandfather’s zi char stall?

    Fourth-generation hawker Debbie Yam uses social media marketing and tweaks classic dishes to help her family’s 74-year-old food business. But the ...
  9. Canned food covers a wide spectrum, from luncheon meat and cream soup to chickpeas and green beans.

    Canned food: Maybe it isn’t as bad as you think

    It is often perceived to be less nutritious than fresh food, but if you know what to look out for, it can be a healthy alternative. The programme ...
  10. A robot bartender called Ratio.

    Can robots help to save the ailing F&B industry?

    They can mix a cocktail as fast as a human bartender can, and make coffee that tastes almost as good as a master’s brew, but can they address the ...