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  1. Fishermen aboard a boat in Thailand's Pattani province in 2015, amid a crackdown on illegal fishing.

    Thailand’s seafood slavery: Why the abuse of fishermen just won't go away

    Despite the efforts of the government, exploitation in Thai fisheries still occurs owing to lax inspections, the withholding of wages and evasive ...
  2. The Philippines has seen a surge in beauty contests and pageant hopefuls in the past decade.

    After years of silence, the ugly truth behind beauty contests in Philippines

    From sexual propositions to social isolation to the illicit use of steroids, the programme Undercover Asia uncovers the dark underbelly of the ...
  3. "Ji Sen", in the brown hat, on holiday with his family last year. He hasn't seen them since Mar 17.

    Malaysian boy lives alone in Singapore for months, so that he won’t miss school during COVID-19 outbreak

    Left without adult supervision owing to COVID-19, this 14-year-old has had to learn to cook, do housework and deal with homesickness just to ...
  4. South Korean households are the most indebted in Asia, but they are still splashing out.

    Rich, but household debt is growing: A time bomb for South Korea?

    South Korean households are piling up debt for various reasons, from overspending on credit cards to unemployment to gambling losses. The ...
  5. Kenny feeding Carice

    Facing circuit breaker blues, parents of young kids help each other in chat groups

    Keeping a toddler entertained at home 24/7 can fray the nerves of any mum or dad – but there’s peer support on social media and messaging ...
  6. Connie Sun's immediate thoughts when she learned about her cancer diagnosis were of her son, Ian.

    Far from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Singaporean new mum fights cancer

    Connie Sun discovered she had breast cancer in South Korea, but owing to travel restrictions, she could not leave with her husband and child to ...
  7. OTRD Covid Malaysians cleaner 2

    In vital jobs fighting COVID-19, Malaysians in Singapore wrestle with heartache of separation

    From cleaning jobs to roles supporting the medical profession, Malaysians in essential services grapple with feeling alone, scared and homesick.
  8. Intimate images are being leaked online without consent, invading privacy and destroying lives.

    The rise of non-consensual porn in Singapore, and the battle to stem its spread

    Violated by image-based sexual abuse, some of these women are finding ways to do more than just damage control. The programme Undercover Asia ...
  9. Covid baby Twin boys of Kanages (left) Anil Kuma and (right) Arvind Kuma

    The fears and resilience of having a baby in the time of COVID-19

    No grandparents, no baby showers and even no husband around – for some, this is what it’s like to have a newborn now.
  10. The Philippines' Food and Drug Administration has warned of the dangers of glutathione injectables.

    The dangers of trying to be fairest of them all in Philippines

    The quest for whiter skin is fuelling the market for mercury-tainted creams and even illegal injections in the country, the programme Undercover ...