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  1. Singaporean David Chen had to convince farmers in Myanmar that he could increase their yields.

    How a Singaporean is changing the fates of rice farmers in Myanmar

    Against a backdrop of climate change and a cyclone disaster, David Chen is helping to tackle the problem of poverty through the way rice is farmed ...
  2. Talking Point collected water samples across the island, including from taps in dirty surroundings.

    Drink water from a public toilet? Singapore's taps put to the test

    Talking Point looks at why Singaporeans resist drinking directly from the tap, especially public taps, and how well founded their fears are.
  3. The Chinese government has poured billions of dollars into AI research and applications.

    How China the copycat became a tech giant to rival the US

    From having four Silicon Valleys to scoring a world first — a city with a 100 per cent electric bus fleet — China has taken on the US for ...
  4. Get Real India Unsafe Construction rubble

    India's daily slate of building collapses - and the mafia's role in it

    Some seven incidents of structural collapse take place each day in India, killing thousands every year. Get Real investigates the woes of shoddy ...
  5. How to get rich? "Mr Toilet Man" Jack Sim plunged into the Singapore property market.

    From O-level failure to millionaire at 29, on a policy of honesty first

    He’s known for his campaigns to tackle the world's sanitation problems. But Jack Sim also used to work on a construction site, and founded ...
  6. There are nearly 7,000 escalators in Singapore, and safety-related issues have grown in importance.

    Almost an accident a day on Singapore’s escalators, and the reasons why

    Most of these accidents were caused by "user behaviour", such as using prams on escalators, running on them and not holding the handrails. Talking ...
  7. Christian Calledo became a lechonero, someone who roasts whole pigs on a spit, without any training.

    The Cebuano who quit his lucrative job to roast pigs in Singapore

    Iskina Cebu saved owner Christian Calledo from a life he did not want, and his eatery's lechon dish has now created a mini Cebu away from home, as ...
  8. Talking Point host Steven Chia asks three youngsters how they feel about their parents 'sharenting'.

    Embarrassing and risky: When parents share too much of their children online

    ‘Sharenting’ has become a social phenomenon, but what do youngsters have to say about it? What is at stake? Talking Point finds out.
  9. GR Philippines criminal children main

    The Philippines’ little delinquents, committing some of the most brazen crimes

    To deal with youth offenders, some lawmakers are hoping to make children as young as nine criminally liable. The programme Get Real investigates ...
  10. For every baby found abandoned, experts reckon that many more cases go unreported.

    Poor sex education, social exclusion leading mums in Malaysia to abandon babies

    The country is grappling with the problem of baby dumping as confused and fearful women struggle with various restrictions, from sex education to ...