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  1. stock markets file photo

    Five things to know before investing in the stock market rally

    Think you can turn S$10,000 into S$100,000 in two years? Want to invest half your salary in equities, like one financial blogger does? The experts ...
  2. Human clinical trials of a Covid-19 vaccine began in Singapore in August.

    Singapore’s race for a vaccine: Can it be won before second wave of COVID-19 hits?

    Human clinical trials began last month at SingHealth’s Investigational Medicine Unit, and the programme Talking Point gains exclusive access to ...
  3. There are disposable masks, carbon filter masks, gill masks and even copper or nano-silver masks.

    Not all face masks are created equal — 7 things to consider to protect yourself

    Some are cheap, others are not only expensive but also said to kill viruses. How much protection do the various face masks really offer against ...
  4. John Low tells how he survived while drifting in the waters off Tioman to the South China Sea.

    Lost at sea for 4 days, Singaporean came near to death and lived to tell the tale

    From fighting off hallucinations to talking with his ‘timekeeper’, this 61-year-old tells the programme On The Red Dot how a routine boating trip ...
  5. Gitanjali and her husband, Vijaya Kumar, got married last month with help from a matchmaker.

    Why some Singaporeans still turn to Indian matchmakers — but for how long more?

    The tradition lingers, even with dating apps around. But in Singapore, it is not all like what a recent Netflix series portrays. And the relevance ...
  6. Amid the coronavirus economic recession in Singapore, there are mortgage savings to be made.

    Home loan rates are low — do you refinance or reprice? Five things to know

    As banks cut interest rates, it is an opportune time for home owners to review their monthly cash outlay and ease any financial strain possibly ...
  7. As COVID-19 keeps tourists away, Viji Jagadeesh figured she could not hope to sustain her hostel.

    Jobless because of SARS, she built a thriving hostel. Now with COVID-19, it’s closing

    Last month, Viji Jagadeesh had only eight guests at Mitraa Inn, not even enough to cover the Internet bill. CNA Insider looks at how hostels like ...
  8. Families in Bangkok are often faced with floods. But is it a problem with no end in sight?

    The fight to save Bangkok from sinking into watery depths

    A green basin, an urban farm and a floating home — the programme Insight explores the solutions being devised to keep climate change and ...
  9. Passengers on a plane at Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    How COVID-19 is reshaping the way we’ll fly

    From mandatory swab tests to empty middle seats to limited inflight meals, flying could look very different when air travel rebounds. The ...
  10. Fishermen aboard a boat in Thailand's Pattani province in 2015, amid a crackdown on illegal fishing.

    Thailand’s seafood slavery: Why the abuse of fishermen just won't go away

    Despite the efforts of the government, exploitation in Thai fisheries still occurs owing to lax inspections, the withholding of wages and evasive ...