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  1. Seniors like Khoo Chwee Lye often see the walking stick as a symbol of shame. But not this cane.

    From a walking-stick alarm, to VR time travel: How tech can help dementia patients

    With technology, caring for dementia patients can be made a little easier. The series Gadg(AID) looks at six ways of doing so.
  2. Gadg(Aid) autism main

    How technology gives my son hope with his autism

    Virtual reality and robotic devices can be used to empower those on the autism spectrum and even open up job possibilities for them, the series ...
  3. What if some vegetables are sneaked into Singapore without undergoing proper food safety checks?

    A peek at the illicit trade in smuggled vegetables in Singapore

    How are illegally imported vegetables getting in, and why are some suppliers risking prosecution? The programme Talking Point investigates.
  4. Families in Bangkok are often faced with floods. But is it a problem with no end in sight?

    The fight to save Bangkok from sinking into watery depths

    A green basin, an urban farm and a floating home — the programme Insight explores the solutions being devised to keep climate change and ...
  5. Tamimi Pohan has brittle bones and wishes for independence. Some smart tech help is on the way.

    Is technology up to helping the disabled with problems of daily living?

    Smart home devices and mobile apps have advanced and changed lives, but how far can they go to help persons with physical disabilities? The series ...
  6. Locals in Sitio Nabong, in a province just north of Manila, dream of seeing new roads in the area.

    Why Manila is at risk of becoming an underwater city

    In three decades, this city and its surroundings could be submerged because of climate change, excessive groundwater use and land subsidence. The ...
  7. TP processed food fish balls main

    Singapore’s fish balls could get unhealthier in the near future

    Is it just fish meat inside this hawker staple or is there more to it? The programme Talking Point tracks down the source of a key ingredient and ...
  8. Each year, up to 75 bodies go unclaimed in Singapore.

    When someone dies alone in Singapore, this is what happens

    With more and more Singaporeans living by themselves, could they be at risk of dying without anyone knowing? Can anything be done about it?
  9. The secrets of the success of chicken nuggets are revealed in this episode of Talking Point.

    What really is in the chicken nuggets you like so much

    Chicken nuggets have been newly ranked as Singaporeans’ favourite processed food, but are they made of real meat or just parts minced into a paste?
  10. Much of North Jakarta is sinking and in need of attention to minimise the impact of tidal floods.

    Why Jakarta is the fastest sinking city in the world

    Climate change, groundwater depletion and land subsidence have set alarm bells ringing in the city. Will relocating Indonesia’s capital solve the ...