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  1. CCAG plastic recycling main

    In South Korea, a lesson to be learned from a plastic waste crisis

    With trash piling up on the streets and recycling businesses losing money, the country was left scrambling for better solutions after China ...
  2. In recent years, Sihanoukville has seen nearly three dozen Chinese-run casinos spring up.

    China brings casino boom to Cambodian town – but doom to local businesses?

    The new season of The New Silk Road looks at how Chinese money is changing Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh, from the glitz and glamour, jobs and ...
  3. TP live streaming apps main

    Nudity, public sex, stalkers: What children are in for on live-streaming apps

    As live videos grow in popularity, parents can be more vigilant about protecting youngsters from the manipulation and sexually suggestive content ...
  4. TP Maids CCTV 1

    Spying on maids with CCTV – where do we draw the line?

    As more employers embrace the use of surveillance cameras to monitor their household and maids, the programme Talking Point discusses if this ...
  5. IMH artist Kah Lim main

    A dream unfolds for artist living in IMH, with a special exhibition and meeting

    As a child, he learned painting from eminent artists like Choo Keng Kwang. After 40 years, Sim Kah Lim gets to see his idol again at his very own ...
  6. Mr Sim's 40-year wait
    Media playtime

    Mr Sim's 40-year wait

    Mr Sim Kah Lim, the artist who for 35 years painted in obscurity from behind the walls of the Institute of Mental Health, finally got his own ...
  7. OTRD chef mission India main

    He took out his life savings in Singapore to rescue children in India

    Civil engineer Ravi Rai Manas quit his job after saving S$300,000 to make a difference in the place he first saw poverty as a 10-year-old. He ...
  8. TP HFMD main

    7 things to know about the more virulent strain of HFMD that’s killed 2

    With the outbreak of the Enterovirus 71 strain in Malaysia and its proportion of cases increasing in Singapore, Talking Point finds out more about ...
  9. MIS Omnisense Systems Leonard Lim main

    The Singaporean serial entrepreneur who kept failing, until he got a lucky break

    Leonard Lim’s childhood dream of running his own company turned into a tale of debt, despair and divorce. But he persevered, reinventing thermal ...
  10. Golden Mile CNA Insider 2 main

    From the occult to a derelict pool: 12 things about Golden Mile Complex you didn’t know

    There’s more to this CBD landmark than its seedy reputation, gaudy discos and Thai restaurants - where a community of Singaporeans and Thai ...