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  1. Why It Matters host Joshua Lim discovers how clutter in your digital space can have a marked impact.

    Digital clutter’s messing with your mind — here are 5 ways to ‘KonMari’ it

    We install more applications than we use and hoard too much data, putting ourselves at risk of not only cyber threats but also mental stress. Why ...
  2. Pork is Singapore’s second favourite meat, with more than 126,000 tonnes imported last year.

    What's making pork more expensive? There's a fatty belly factor

    Pork prices in Singapore have increased steadily owing to trends ranging from changing consumer preferences to rising oil prices, as For Food’s Sake!
  3. Singaporeans love to fly, but should they be less blase about air safety?

    How you can survive a plane crash (it’s not as rare as you think)

    Passengers can do a lot more to stay safe when flying, and avoid or even survive an accident. The programme Why It Matters finds out eight things ...
  4. Sim Kah Lim shows that there's hope of recovery from mental illness, even after so long.

    Life on the outside, after 35 years in a mental ward

    Committed to the IMH for schizophrenia, Sim Kah Lim receives an unexpected discharge thanks to his sister and his art — of which he's holding an ...
  5. Life after 35 years in a mental institution
    Media playtime

    Life after 35 years in a mental institution

    Diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teen, Sim Kah Lim was admitted to Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health at 15. An avid artist since the age of ...
  6. End of the road for Mr Chan Tien Sang (centre) and his shop at Beauty World, after over 35 years.

    At Beauty World, old-timers and their trades are fading away

    Changing consumer patterns and a lack of successors mean some of the shopkeepers at the strata-titled mall have little choice but to give up their ...
  7. The average bread consumption in Singapore is 13.3 kilogrammes per person every year.

    Wholemeal or multigrain? The truth about ‘healthier’ breads

    There is a whole range of breads, from white to fancy varieties. The nutritional facts about these options may be somewhat surprising, as Talking ...
  8. President Joko Widodo aims to help make Indonesia the world’s fourth largest economy by 2045.

    The stumbling blocks in Jokowi’s plans to take Indonesia forward

    As the Indonesian President starts a new term, the programme Insight looks at his challenges ahead, such as corruption, a global economic slowdown ...
  9. Once the larvae of the fall armyworm moth become big, they eat through chunks of leaves.

    How a ‘worm’ might affect prices of cereal, toothpaste and chicken rice

    An invasive species from the Americas has spread to Asia, ravaging cornfields and threatening the food supply chain. For Food’s Sake! has a closer ...
  10. Pro footballer, full-time singer — two careers that have given Syed Azmir lessons from failure.

    The footballer turned singer who lost both careers, and found his way again

    Motivated by fame, promising football player Syed Azmir chose to be a singer only to have it fall apart. Could he pick himself up and return to ...