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  1. Illustration of a man shaving his head with birds on top of it

    Ode to my neighbourhood barber and all the ghosts of haircuts past

    CNA Lifestyle’s Circuit Breaker Diaries series features musings on Singapore life in the time of coronavirus. As barbershops open on May 12, one ...
  2. This year underwater hockey is set to debut at the Southeast Asian Games, the region's biennial

    Commentary: Odd new sports at SEA Games aren't a bad thing for Singapore

    If we are not going to get shuttlers, runners and footballers, we should at least use our couch warriors.
  3. Lee Chong Wei at Rio 2016

    Commentary: No need to be ‘sorry’ Lee Chong Wei, with so much to be proud of

    As he faces his toughest battle, Malaysian badminton star Lee Chong Wei’s place in sporting greatness is secure.
  4. Singapore contract bridge action

    Commentary: A bridge too far – what makes an activity worthy of inclusion into an international sporting tournament?

    Can bridge, or any card game for that matter, be considered a sport?
  5. North Korea World Cup 1966 celebrates

    Football: 5 great World Cup shocks

    When plucky underdogs chew up the football form guide.