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  1. Singapore contract bridge action

    Commentary: A bridge too far – what makes an activity worthy of inclusion into an international sporting tournament?

    Can bridge, or any card game for that matter, be considered a sport?
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    Football: 5 great World Cup shocks

    When plucky underdogs chew up the football form guide.
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    World Cup: 5 lesser-known classic matches

  4. Viking clap 2016

    7 countries smaller than Singapore that have reached the World Cup

    When it comes to football, size doesn’t matter. Just ask the Vikings.
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    Five on Friday: 5 great Singapore Grand Prix moments

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    Five on Friday: 5 memorable SEA Games moments

    In our regular light-hearted look at what's been making the headlines, Amir Yusof and Ramesh William pick five notable moments from the 2017 SEA ...
  7. Air New Zealand Richard Simmons

    Five on Friday: 5 wacky airline safety videos

  8. Ho Kwong Yew’s building

    An ode to Singapore's understated heritage gems

    Often less heralded, these oddities sit snug amid the city’s more celebrated landmarks. Photos by Howard Law.