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  1. rumah solehah 13

    The matron who heals with tough love, in her shelter for those with HIV

    To care for HIV-positive women who have been shunned by their families and stigmatised by Malaysian society, this CNA Insider InspirAsian gave up ...
  2. New Content Item

    Extraordinary People: In a life of limitations, frustration slowly turns into determination

    In the first of a new series looking at Singaporeans with inspirational stories to tell, Channel NewsAsia's Aqil Haziq Mahmud finds out about a ...
  3. Hakka Noodles 11_Plated Noodles

    Mrs Lam's handmade Hakka noodles: The recipe

    How to make Ke Jia Mian the old-fashioned way, in a recipe one home cook has been perfecting over some 50 years
  4. (ss) korea main

    Poor and on their own, South Korea’s elderly who will ‘work until they die’

    “I will take care of myself as long as I can… then I’ll go to the hospital and die,” says an 81-year-old in a country where nearly half the ...
  5. New Content Item

    A yearning to bring kolek races back to Singapore

    The conclusion to the story of a family’s dream of reviving the glory days of traditional Malay sailboat racing - which, for over a century, made ...
  6. New Content Item

    Singapore family helps bring back centuries-old tradition in Riau islands

    Mazlan Mohd Nasir grew up loving the traditional sailboat races around Singapore, but then watched that centuries-old way of life vanish. In Part ...
  7. New Content Item

    An island-boy's race against time and tide

    For decades, kampungs and thrilling sailboats races were a way of life in the region. Kolek teams were like local football clubs. Now, one ...
  8. New Content Item

    Defiantly, he weaves life into a dying Peranakan craft

    Heath Yeo quit designing modern fashion to revive the art of embroidering sarong kebayas the ‘old-fashioned’ way. But is it a losing battle ...
  9. New Content Item

    He finds forgotten treasures in ‘trash’

    The 173-year-old Cathedral of the Good Shepherd is one of the places in Singapore where Jevon Liew, 32, has salvaged not just countless artefacts, ...
  10. New Content Item

    Has the ‘soul’ gone out of modern Peranakans?

    The faddish revival of all things Peranakan is upsetting some traditionalists who think it soul-less. But is their fixation on orthodoxy killing ...