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  1. gardens by the bay christmas wonderland - santa's grotto (1)

    5 things to look out for at Gardens By The Bay's Christmas Wonderland

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! If you're planning a trip to Gardens by the Bay, here's what to look out for at the fifth edition of ...
  2. How to protect yourself from the Wuhan virus
    Media playtime

    How to protect yourself from the Wuhan virus

    Which side of the surgical mask faces outwards? Or should you even wear a mask? And how thoroughly should you wash your hands? Here's a look at ...
  3. up your alley main collage

    Up Your Alley: Hidden gems around Singapore's Chinatown

    This is the first of CNA's new series to uncover hidden gems around Singapore. Write in to tell us what makes your neighbourhood special.
  4. how to use taobao for 11.11

    Singles' Day is coming: How to get the best deals on Taobao

    Ready for 11.11? We've got you covered with this handy online shopping guide.
  5. xing fu tang's signature brown sugar boba milk.

    Popular Taiwan bubble tea chain Xing Fu Tang opens in Singapore

    As part of its opening, it will give away 188 cups of brown sugar boba milk, a drink inspired by founder Edison Chen's childhood memories.
  6. mr tan whee boon

    'I find new goals every day': Technician who lost limbs after food poisoning

    Despite having to amputate all four limbs to an infection possibly linked to eating raw fish, former technician Tan Whee Boon says he still tries ...
  7. chinese new year goodies

    Quiz: How well do you know your Chinese New Year goodies?

    You don't want to turn all of these goodies down, but do you know where to draw the line in terms of calories? Take this quiz and find out. 
  8. confessions of a bubble tea addict

    Confessions of a bubble tea addict: Not good for me, but it's been good to me

    I first had bubble tea when I was nine – and this great love affair has seen me through the highs and lows in life.