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  1. ASEAN must rise to meet current challenges and bring benefit to the people: Diplomats

  2. Singapore and Indonesia agree on third maritime border treaty

    The two countries’ foreign ministers on Friday (Feb 10) exchanged the Instruments of Ratification for the Treaty which will soon be registered ...
  3. Indonesia’s orangutans threatened by expansion of palm oil plantations

    The Orangutan Foundation International estimates that up to 5,000 orangutans are killed every year as Indonesia expands its palm oil plantations.
  4. 2017 lookahead: The South China Sea challenge to ASEAN unity

    The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has been urged to re-look its Charter and redefine its consensus-building mechanism that could ...
  5. 2017 look ahead: Southeast Asia's fight against terrorism

    The likes of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines will have to confront the reality of returning Islamic State (IS) fighters from Iraq and ...
  6. Another blow for Thai tourist town as country mourns late king

    The tourist town of Hua Hin had only just begun to recover from the fallout of bomb attacks in August.
  7. Temple in Hua Hin mourns late Thai king

    There were very few temples that the late king visited when he was in Hua Hin. Rajaya Rattana Banpot Temple was one of his favourites.
  8. Haze-free Riau after 18 years

    For the first time in 18 years, the Indonesian province of Riau in Sumatra has managed to prevent haze caused by raging forest fires from choking ...
  9. Indonesia poised to be region's biggest digital economy by 2025: Study

    Six Southeast Asian markets - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines - were studied.
  10. Programme to get Indonesian farmers to stop burning land sees results

    The Fire-Free Village Programme (FFVP) was started by Indonesia’s second biggest pulp and paper company in July 2015. It aims to encourage ...