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  1. Refugees Indonesia

    Stuck, but sticking together: Refugees and their years of uncertainty stranded in Indonesia

    Indonesia is home to about 14,000 refugees. Each carries a unique story and diverse reasons for ending up stranded in Southeast Asia.
  2. Reporters wait for the general election results in Bangkok

    Thai election leaves country deeply divided, Prayut set to remain PM

  3. Dolphin4

    Endangered dolphins at risk as controversial Don Sahong dam takes shape

    There are only a handful of endangered Irrawaddy dolphins left in a section of the Mekong River alongside the site of one of the region’s most ...
  4. Sesan2

    Rural Cambodian villagers defiant in face of looming hydropower flood

    As construction of Cambodia’s massive hydropower dam project, the Lower Sesan 2, continues to intensify, some local communities are making a final ...
  5. Power1

    Fledgling Cambodian solar industry sees glimpse of light

    Cambodia is trailing its neighbours in encouraging alternative power sources to reduce the strain on its environment. In the final part of a ...
  6. Waves crash in Batanes, Philippines

    In the path of the storm: Life in Batanes on the Philippines’ typhoon track

    Batanes is like nowhere else in Southeast Asia. Its people, the Ivatan, have endured for some 4,000 years, mostly alone in their own part of the ...
  7. Aceh Rohingya refugees

    Rohingya in Aceh: Sailing into Indonesia’s unsteady embrace

    Aceh in Indonesia has proven to be a rare harbour of safety and embrace for Rohingya fleeing Myanmar by boat. But as sailing season begins again, ...