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  1. Singapore's Elderly Poor: The Ice-cream Uncle
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    Singapore's Elderly Poor: The Ice-cream Uncle

    For more than 10 years, 85-year-old Ng Teak Boon has made a living selling ice-cream – but his life hasn’t been quite as sweet. READ MORE: The ...
  2. Singapore's elderly poor: Looking after Helen
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    Singapore's elderly poor: Looking after Helen

    Alone for 17 years after her husband died, Helen Fernandez was falling prey to dementia, loneliness and squalor. But all that changed when a ...
  3. Singapore's elderly poor: Nursing the lonely
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    Singapore's elderly poor: Nursing the lonely

    She has watched her husband, siblings and 3 children all die before her. At 89, she's fought depression all alone -- until these folks offered ...
  4. SG elderly help main

    Lonely and 'waiting to die', Singapore's elderly poor find hope in many helping hands

    Poor health and mental illness isolate them from society. But a widening community network is striving to ease their loneliness and make sure ...
  5. Elderly SG main

    Ploughing on: The faces and insecurities of Singapore’s elderly working poor

    The poverty rate has been rising among the working elderly, one study shows. Why do seniors here feel the need to work for long hours and low pay, ...
  6. (kc) Con With Yuna

    Malaysian singer Yuna talks about dressing as a Muslim and life in Trump’s America

    The Los Angeles-based indie-pop superstar tells Conversation With that she is frustrated with people dictating what women should wear, but also ...
  7. (kc) Muslim Identity (5)

    Malaysia’s Muslims grapple with being ‘good enough’, as conservative voices get strident

    Wrestling with criticism and what it means to be Malay-Muslim, some worry that the pressure could drive the young into the arms of extremists like ...
  8. (kc) OTRD race commentary (2)

    Commentary: Inter-racial marriages nothing special, until I met those facing challenges

    My own inter-ethnic relationship has been obstacle-free, but a documentary on mixed marriages got others sharing with me the struggles they face ...
  9. (kc) Rotimatic

    Eight years of stubbornness to give birth to their roti-maker

    The Singapore inventors behind the Rotimatic, the world’s first automated flatbread maker, tell CNA Insider why they never gave up, despite the ...
  10. (kc) MYMD Wong Fong (1)

    From cranes to hypercars, family-run SME changes it up with new generation

    The founders of Wong Fong are handing the reins to their children to go forth and disrupt the status quo of its S$70-million-a-year business - and ...