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    Chinese tech giant Tencent courts US gamers with Arena of Valor

    China’s most popular mobile game Honour of Kings has made it to the United States under the name Arena of Valor. Millions of people play the game ...
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    Online dating: Mixing business with pleasure

    Online dating companies are now looking to help people make both romantic and business connections on the same platform.
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    Extra security presence in New York over holiday period following recent attacks

    There’s an extra security presence in New York this holiday season following two recent attacks that city officials have described as acts of ...
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    US absence from World Cup a blow to sponsors, businesses

    The United States' failure to qualify for next year's World Cup is a big blow not only to fans, but also for the team’s sponsors hoping to profit ...
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    1 in 7 elementary school children face homelessness in New York City

    Over the last six years more than 140,000 children in New York have been homeless at some stage in their lives, according to a recent report, and ...
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    Budget for Trump's Secret Service agents 'exhausted': Expert

    An estimated one-third of US Secret Service agents have reached their salary and overtime limits for the year. Some security experts see this as a ...
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    Guterres approaches first UN General Assembly

    Just nine months into his role as UN chief, Antonio Guterres' next immediate test will be on his ability towork with 
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    US malls get squeezed out by e-retailers

    There are more than 1,000 malls in the US, but this figure could be significantly reduced if online shopping continues to grow in popularity. 
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    UN Council unanimously condemns North Korea missile test

    The UN Security Council denounced North Korea's latest missile test Tuesday (Aug 29), unanimously demanding that Pyongyang halt the program after ...
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    Samsung seeks to bury fiery past with Galaxy Note 8 launch

    Samsung Electronics Co Ltd set out to wipe the slate clean in New York on Wednesday with the new Galaxy Note 8 phablet, hoping features like dual ...