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  1. Skype Wedding Malaysia

    Malaysian couple opts for Skype wedding amid COVID-19 curbs - in their respective homes

    COVID-19 forced undergraduates Siti Jaslin Johari and Muhammad Ameer Ashraf to postpone their wedding reception. But following approval from ...
  2. Mel Youlanda resident Malaysia COVID red zone

    ‘It’s a nightmare’: Resident quarantined in Malaysia’s COVID-19 red zone worried over access to healthcare, fresh food supplies

    Residents at Menara City One condominium have been placed under enhanced movement control order for almost a month. CNA speaks to one of them to ...
  3. Ramadan Bazaar

    ‘It doesn’t feel like Hari Raya’: Malaysia’s Ramadan vendors fret over slow sales amid COVID-19

    Ramadan vendors have had to adjust their business model, from striking it out in online marketplaces to launching products with COVID-19 themed ...
  4. Aiza Syafinaz Husband Mohd Fairos

    Malaysian woman wins battle against COVID-19 after losing policeman husband to the disease

    Aiza Syafinaz Sahak was devastated after her husband succumbed to the coronavirus and she could not be by his side. However, she drew strength ...