Biography of the Author Cecilia Tortajada

Cecilia Tortajada

Senior Researcher, National University of Singapore

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  1. Paramilitary police officer evacuates a resident while he is wading through floodwaters following a

    Commentary: China struggles with ‘once-in-a-century’ floods that may be new normal

    Aside from immediate disaster relief efforts, China should intensify infrastructure development and build new capabilities as climate change is ...
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    Commentary: Have Singaporeans been mollycoddled on climate change?

    Managing floods and soaring temperatures in Singapore under climatic uncertainties will be a huge challenge for Singapore but the biggest ...
  3. A flooded street seen at the Supreme Court Lane after a heavy downpour

    Commentary: What Singapore can do to prepare for the next flood

    Floods cannot be completely eliminated, but can be managed, say Cecilia Tortajada and Asit K Biswas.
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    Commentary: Living in an age of corruption

    Corruption is as old as human history, can never be eliminated, and would potentially increase as the world's economy expand. Two observer suggest ...
  5. People buy vegetables from roadside stalls before the start of lockdown by West Bengal state govern

    Commentary: COVID-19 is leaving India hungry in more ways than one

    Many are faced with the cruel trade-off between defying the lockdown and catching the virus, or remaining at home and seeing their scanty food ...
  6. Work in progress on the new railway line linking Djibouti with Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa

    Commentary: A new Silk Road connects two old continents in a modern age

    The Belt and Road Initiative in Africa isn't starting entirely from scratch. China has already invested heavily in several railway lines on the ...
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    Commentary: The Marina Barrage, a dream 20 years in the making

    An iconic landmark, a symbol of the city-state’s success in water management, the Marina Barrage is a culmination of decades of visionary ...
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    Commentary: How to make water issues matter to world leaders

    Strong, high-level political support is key in tackling water issues around the world, say Asit K Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada.
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    Commentary: In India, job creation the biggest issue on voters’ minds

    India's working population can propel the economy if they can find productive employment with decent incomes, say Asit K Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada.
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    Commentary: How prepared is Singapore for the next flash flood?

    A comprehensive strategy to manage floods in Singapore would comprise engineering, green and digital solutions, say Asit K Biswas and Cecilia ...