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  1. The premum quality of Thai jasmine rice has come at an increasingly higher price.

    What politics and drugs have to do with the hike in rice prices

    As with some crops, the weather is one of the reasons Thai jasmine rice costs more – but the situation is more complex than just that. The series ...
  2. FFS cockles main

    No more 'hum' in laksa? Why cockles are becoming costlier and harder to find

    Pollution, smuggling and overharvesting have stacked the odds against blood cockles bouncing back from the huge fall in supply, although there is ...
  3. The yellow-tail fish - used to make fishballs - are in high demand across the region.

    Why illegal fishing in Indonesia is making fishballs in Singapore more expensive

    Fishball prices have been rising over the years, partly because fussy consumers prefer them made only from yellow-tail fish, which has seen ...
  4. An estimated 30-odd per cent of restaurant revenue goes to hiring.

    For F&B outlets, COVID-19 is a wake-up call. Here are seven changes they can make

    A bloated restaurant scene and a risky business model were among the things that had gone wrong with the pre-pandemic F&B sector. The programme ...
  5. bean sprouts

    As beansprout prices shoot up in Singapore, will they go missing from our favourite dishes?

    What used to be a cheap vegetable is no longer, beansprout prices have increased 70 per cent at wet markets while those at supermarkets have gone ...
  6. super advanced baby 13

    Do cooking classes, spa massages help baby develop faster? Some parents think so

    Big money is being spent on language lessons, chiropractic sessions and more, to supposedly help babies achieve their developmental milestones ...
  7. Super baby train brain 6

    Can you really train your baby to be smarter?

    Right brain training, sensory classes, fortified formula milk – some parents are going all out to unlock their infant's potential. The programme ...