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  1. (dn) OTRD chef mission Thailand main

    The Singaporean grad who ditched his corporate dreams because of a glue-sniffer in Thailand

    The plight of a 15-year-old Thai boy moved economics graduate Daryl Tay to volunteer in an impoverished village, as Prive Group executive chef ...
  2. (dn) OTRD Rumah makan minang main pix

    Two brothers want the best for Rumah Makan Minang, but just can’t agree

    One has formal training, the other has street smarts and experience. Who’s right about changing their family-owned restaurant’s menu? As they’ve ...
  3. OTRD tourettes 1

    Love in the face of Tourette's

    Faced with bullying and discrimination because of his uncontrollable tics, Jeremy Goh still found a way to embrace life and love - with the help ...
  4. yv OTRD miscarriage 1

    Did I create life or destroy them?: Mother’s grief over losing 3 babies

    Felicia Tan tells On The Red Dot about coping with the guilt of her miscarriages – and the unexpected joy of having her hope of motherhood finally ...
  5. OTRD ER doc

    She makes the difference between life and death daily: An ER doctor’s passion

    Dr Lin Jingping talks about the chaos of the emergency room, playing detective, and breaking the bad news, on On The Red Dot's episode on doctors' ...
  6. OTRD probation main

    An angry teen, he nearly killed another - but they had faith he could change

    A probation sentence altered his life’s course, and today he is dedicated to helping other troubled youths. On The Red Dot profiles his story.
  7. OTRD spousal violence

    Don't stay silent, abused wives urge victims of family violence

    “I tried to put on a brave front (for my kids), and I think that was a big mistake,” a wife who endured beatings for years tells On The Red Dot.
  8. (kc) OTRD MYOB mermaid (1)

    A phobia of water, yet she makes being a mermaid her business

    This young entrepreneur earns as much as S$600 an hour appearing as a mermaid, in a career that fulfils her childhood fantasies, she tells On The ...