Biography of the Author Tamal Mukherjee

Tamal Mukherjee

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. Torrential monsoon rains this year in India have submerged thousands of villages.

    Struggle and suffering in India as climate change bites, but what next after ‘brutal’ floods?

    Even as India tries to get to grips with COVID-19, another calamity is staring its people in the face. The programme Insight asks whether the ...
  2. Insight Section 377 India main

    How did conservative India come to repeal S377’s ban on consensual gay sex?

    The decision to decriminalise homosexuality was not only greeted with relief by the LGBT community, it also found resonance in Indian society. The ...
  3. INSIGHT India's water crisis main

    India’s parched earth: Too late to solve the worst water crisis in its history?

    Population growth, rapid development, widespread pollution and bureaucratic mismanagement are putting tremendous pressure on the country’s ...
  4. New Content Item

    New cracks seven years on, as Fukushima residents urged to return home

    Amid a push to bring life back to towns near the ruined nuclear plant, Insight finds out why some evacuees and experts don’t think it’s safe at all.