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Ellen Lokajaya

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  1. Muhamad Ridhwan Ahmad is the first Singaporean boxer to become a professional world champion.

    The Singaporean boxer who wouldn’t quit, in the ring and in business

    Despite lacking a manager, fighting a contract battle and almost throwing in the towel, Muhamad Ridhwan is still in the game, driven by his dreams ...
  2. The programme Money Mind finds out the turning points that changed Propnex CEO Ismail Gafoor's life.

    From living in rental flat to running Singapore’s largest estate agency

    Once a newspaper delivery boy, Ismail Gafoor became Propnex chief executive officer only with persistence and through many twists and turns on his ...
  3. How to get rich? "Mr Toilet Man" Jack Sim plunged into the Singapore property market.

    From O-level failure to millionaire at 29, on a policy of honesty first

    He’s known for his campaigns to tackle the world's sanitation problems. But Jack Sim also used to work on a construction site, and founded ...
  4. Mr Koh Seng Choon of Dignity Kitchen makes it his business to help people with disabilities

    Money lost, a life claimed by suicide, but Dignity Kitchen’s founder never gave up

    There have been obstacles along the way, from naysayers to a lack of government funding to a forced relocation, but social entrepreneur Koh Seng ...
  5. TP HFMD main

    7 things to know about the more virulent strain of HFMD that’s killed 2

    With the outbreak of the Enterovirus 71 strain in Malaysia and its proportion of cases increasing in Singapore, Talking Point finds out more about ...
  6. (dp) TP cyberbullying 1

    3 in 4 youngsters say they have been bullied online

    The most up-to-date survey of the issue, commissioned by Talking Point, finds cyberbullying to be a growing problem. But parents may be none the ...
  7. cashless payments 2

    This is how your phone’s e-wallet can be hacked

    As digital payments grow in popularity, which is more secure – cash or cashless transactions? Talking Point investigates.