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  1. TP HFMD main

    7 things to know about the more virulent strain of HFMD that’s killed 2

    With the outbreak of the Enterovirus 71 strain in Malaysia and its proportion of cases increasing in Singapore, Talking Point finds out more about ...
  2. (dp) TP cyberbullying 1

    3 in 4 youngsters say they have been bullied online

    The most up-to-date survey of the issue, commissioned by Talking Point, finds cyberbullying to be a growing problem. But parents may be none the ...
  3. cashless payments 2

    This is how your phone’s e-wallet can be hacked

    As digital payments grow in popularity, which is more secure – cash or cashless transactions? Talking Point investigates.
  4. TP drug addict 1

    Yuppie drug abusers are on the rise, and checking into S$19,000-a-month rehab centres abroad

    Today’s drug abusers are students and young professionals. Talking Point explores how some are going overseas at high cost to kick the habit - ...
  5. (yv)TP kampung

    Is the kampong spirit dead, or just different?

    Only 1 in 10 Singaporeans have any shared memories with their HDB neighbours. But perhaps social media can help create the new ‘kampongs’ of ...