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    A challenging year for Foreign Affairs: says Mr Shanmugam

    Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam described this year as a challenging one for his ministry, against the backdrop of an increasingly ...
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    S'pore takes long term view of relations with Middle East: MFA

    Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Masagos Zulkifli has said that Singapore is taking a longer-term perspective when developing relations with ...
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    Parliament to discuss transport, halal certification

    Members of Parliament have tabled several questions ahead of the resumption of the Budget debate in Parliament on Tuesday.
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    Casino operators expected to do more to promote responsible gambling

    Casino operators in Singapore are expected to do more to promote responsible gaming.
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    Non-voters of Hougang by-election can now apply to restore names to registers

    Residents who did not vote in the recent Hougang by-election will need to have their names restored to the Register of Electors.
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    DPM Teo questions if Hougang voters being taken for granted

    Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean on Sunday questioned if the Workers' Party has taken Hougang voters for granted.
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    Budget to build inclusive society, stronger Singapore

    Among the significant moves were measures to cut Singapore's dependence on foreign workers, improve productivity and address the issue of income ...
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    Singapore's population at "demographic turning point": DPM Teo

    The Singapore government is taking a comprehensive look at its population policies in view of the country's changing demographics.
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    PSD to review salaries of public officers

    The Public Service Division will carry out a review of the salaries of Administrative Service officers, the Judiciary and Statutory Appointment ...
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    Good leadership key to containing corruption, says DPM Teo

    Public sector employees account for an average of 7.5 per cent of the total number of people prosecuted by the Corrupt Practices Investigation ...