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Chor Khieng Yuit

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  1. Myanmar shopkeeper count money

    What does military rule mean for foreign investments in Myanmar?

    In Myanmar, companies and businesses are adjusting to a new reality after the military took over control of the government on Feb 1. What does ...
  2. Sembcorp Marine LNG repair and upgrade

    A lifeline for Sembcorp Marine

    Troubled Sembcorp Marine is getting a reprieve. Money Mind makes sense of the recapitalisation deal for the marine firm.
  3. SGX CEO Loh Boon Chye

    'Continuing on the path of innovation': SGX CEO Loh Boon Chye on expanding its forex footprint

    The Singapore Exchange is extending its reach deeper into the global foreign exchange market. Will it be enough to win over investors? Money Mind ...
  4. The novel coronavirus outbreak has spread to more than 25 countries.

    Coronavirus outbreak: Economic fallout could be worse than SARS

    With millions of people in China on lockdown, and flights to the world’s second-largest economy being cancelled, the programme Money Mind examines ...
  5. MYMD future food 7

    Grasshoppers with your lab-grown steak? Gross, but that’s food of the future

    Creepy crawlies and in-vitro meat may be just the answer when resources for food become scarce, as programme Money Mind discovers.