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Wong Pei Ting

Journalist at CNA, Asia's leading English-language news platform.

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  1. COVID-19 senior citizen Singapore sitting

    The Big Read: Digitally estranged, seniors struggle with sense of displacement in pandemic-hit offline world

    While the rest of Singapore turn to video conferencing tools, e-commerce and other forms of online entertainment, many senior citizens are finding ...
  2. the big read today 1

    The Big Read: The untold sacrifices by frontline healthcare workers as they soldier on against COVID-19

    For more than a month now, frontline healthcare workers have been grappling with lost time with family members and disruptions to their personal ...
  3. The Big Read YouTube

    The Big Read: Power, fame and fortune - a glimpse into Singapore’s lucrative YouTube industry

    Several homegrown YouTubers have managed to build thriving businesses with million-dollar revenues . But the success of top YouTubers has draw ...
  4. maids singapore

    The Big Read: As maids become a necessity for many families, festering societal issues could come to the fore

    For many Singapore households, there remains a genuine need for live-in domestic help. And the number of such families is set to rise, given the ...
  5. The Big Read: Jakarta

    The Big Read: Beset with problems and losing its capital status, Jakarta still a city of dreams for many

    President Jokowi’s announcement to move the capital out of Jakarta seems long overdue but many Jakarta residents doubt the relocation can solve ...
  6. The Big Read  re-employment

    The Big Read: Re-employment protects older workers but leaves some with bitter taste in their mouths

    Despite the negative experiences of some older workers, experts and observers believe that the re-employment and retirement ages are here to stay, ...
  7. social media app

    The Big Read: Dangers lurk in youth's chase for social media 'likes'

    Youth counselling centres and clinics said that they are seeing more cases of youths struggling with self-esteem issues due to their exposure to ...
  8. Upskirt 01 voyeur crime - file photo

    The Big Read: Singapore’s voyeurism problem – what’s wrong with men, or the world?

    Spycams and phone cameras are taking voyeurism to unsavoury new heights, but the published statistics are just the tip of the iceberg, experts say.
  9. Petition screengrab bus 14 route change

    The Big Read: Online petitions — just 'noise' and attention-seeking, or a way for citizens to make themselves heard?

    Online petitions here have generally gained significant traction in the past few years, with recent petitions on popular sites but are they ...