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  1. Insight syariah aceh  3

    20 years of syariah: From floggings to vigilante attacks, how far will Aceh go?

    Has more harm than good been done in Indonesia’s most conservative province, where strict laws apply against adultery, homosexuality and gambling?
  2. (dn) Insight leftover men main

    These are the ‘leftover men’ of China, who just want to get married

    The country’s gender imbalance has reached epic proportions and is disrupting its social order. The programme Insight looks at what it means for ...
  3. PKR cabinet 1

    Can Pakatan Harapan deliver 3 key changes Malaysians want?

    The 1MDB scandal, the cost of living and racial politics are big challenges facing Malaysia’s new government. But will the Mahathir-Anwar ...
  4. (dp) Insight Malaysia race and religion 1

    Racial and religious politics at a crossroads in Malaysia’s General Election

    Will BN succeed with its race-based formula? Will it be outdone by Pakatan in the Malay heartlands? Can PAS rely on its Islamic credentials? The ...
  5. New Content Item

    One year into Trump’s presidency, has Asia been left behind?

    From whether his unpredictability has actually been good for Asia, to his stance on trade, Insight looks at US President Donald Trump’s first year ...