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Tracy Marie Lee

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  1. Young people at a climate change rally in Singapore.

    How Singapore sees its millennials (and it's not a pretty picture)

    A nationwide survey uncovers cracks between the different ages, raising questions on whether the young are being ignored, as the documentary ...
  2. DMUI bus driver 12

    He's 23, and out to change the way we think of bus drivers

    Does a bus captain do more than just ferry commuters around? One of the youngest in the trade, Benjamin Lim wants to inspire other young ...
  3. WIM robots main

    It's cats and T-rex versus humanoids, as robots take over jobs in Japan

    Does it matter what robots that serve us look like? And do they reinforce gender biases? Why It Matters explores this debate in Japan, where half ...
  4. GR dementia japan 10

    In Japan, a crisis as loved ones with dementia go missing, some for years

    Thousands of them wander off each year, alarming their families and stretching police resources. The programme Get Real looks at the obstacles ...