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  1. Ong Ye Kung Parliament

    Proposed law against online falsehoods will not curb academic research: Ong Ye Kung

    The Education Minister gave the assurance in Parliament that the proposed legislation will not strip researchers of their academic freedom.
  2. Pritam Singh parl

    Workers' Party opposes online falsehoods Bill, says Pritam Singh

  3. Ms Ow Binbing

    More than 20 households living in bigger flats sold part of lease to HDB in Q1

    From the start of this year, flat owners of five-room or bigger HDB flats can sell part of their flat’s lease back to HDB through the Lease ...
  4. The Crystal Place Suntec City

    MOM to develop guidelines on rest areas for lower-wage workers

  5. Rain in Singapore CBD

    MOM to focus on career mobility for all workers

    Manpower Minister Josephine Teo says that more emphasis will be placed on helping all workers to improve opportunities and widen career tracks.
  6. Jasni 1

    A taste of home: The expat Singaporeans cooking up a storm to feed foreigners with authentic dishes

    Step aside, Singapore Noodles. Some overseas Singaporeans are on a mission to introduce authentic local cuisine to their host countries.
  7. Pangolin scales and elephant ivory seizure

    Nearly 13 tonnes of pangolin scales worth S$52 million seized in Singapore