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  1. Why are partially hydrogenated oils being banned in Singapore?
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    Why are partially hydrogenated oils being banned in Singapore?

    Singapore will ban partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), a major source of artificial trans fat found in snacks, potato chips, baked goods and fast ...
  2. women in SPF

    ‘We’re treated as equals’: Women officers in SPF

    As the Singapore Police Force marks 70 years of women in policing, Channel NewsAsia speaks to two female officers who have earned their stripes.
  3. Qimmyshimmy

    'I get very rude comments about my work, but it's okay': Singapore artist Qimmyshimmy

    She often gets rude messages about her sculptures of deformed babies and innards, but artist Lim Qixuan says she enjoys reading the comments about ...
  4. Gaya - Inuka last days 9
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    Inuka's last day in the public eye

    The Singapore Zoo's late resident polar bear Inuka was put down on "humane grounds" on Wednesday (Apr 25). Here's a look at his last day in the ...
  5. ADF and SAF troops

    Rough seas affect Exercise Trident ship-to-shore element but are 'not a showstopper', says Heng Chee How

  6. Exercise Trident beach drill

    SAF troops rehearse for Exercise Trident finale amid challenging conditions

  7. Exercise Wallaby Heli evacuation simulation Nov 6

    New safety measures for armoured training implemented at Exercise Wallaby