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  1. Lien Preventive Care Mdm Meier and husband kiss

    Saving ‘billions’, and the aged from pain: Why preventive care makes sense

    From paying for anti-frailty therapy for the aged, to rewarding people who exercise, Germany’s insurance providers are investing in preventive ...
  2. Lien Salzgitter Centre 21

    'It's like I’m part of life again’: The magic when seniors and kids do daycare together

    As Singapore starts to co-locate care centres for the elderly and children, CNA Insider visits a groundbreaking project in Germany that has gone ...
  3. Germany Arnsberg clinic clowns

    The town that’s embracing dementia and fighting back, together

    From clowns and youths to caregivers, the folks of Arnsberg – where 1 in 5 residents is over 65 – show what social inclusiveness can do in the ...
  4. MCI aqilah tutoring twin

    A sister’s sacrifice: At 22, she’s a sole breadwinner and ‘dad’ to 6 siblings

    Nur Aqilah Selamat works the night shift to provide for her family, and – with some help – does what she can to ensure her younger sisters and ...
  5. New Content Item

    United, they feed Malaysia's hungry: The kitchen where race and creed don't matter

    From struggling single parents to wealthy datuks, this group of CNA Insider InspirAsians – who come from across the country – all have something ...
  6. The Cobbler
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    The Cobbler

    They bring him $1,000 Prada shoes and branded sneakers to fix. Some think his is a 'lowly and dirty' job - but hey, this 75-year-old says, ...
  7. Finding Sayfullah's voice
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    Finding Sayfullah's voice

    Imagine having so much to say - your joys, fears, jokes and telling people that you love them - but your body just doesn't let you. Here's how ...
  8. Integration Abhishek and fruit stall couple

    He learnt Mandarin to better understand Singaporean culture: A migrant entrepreneur's journey

    He loves bantering with hawkers, and singing Teresa Teng love songs at karaoke. But when Abhishek Agrawal arrived from India nine years ago, he ...
  9. 5 things you didn't know about timeless kitchen tools
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    5 things you didn't know about timeless kitchen tools

    Bet you never tried this genius tool for cooking with your claypot the right way. Or using an ice pick to get perfectly crispy pork belly. Learn ...
  10. 6 ways to boss it like a Nyonya
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    6 ways to boss it like a Nyonya

    If you watched 'The Little Nyonya', you'd know how boss-like Nyonya matriarchs can be - but also of their immense love and sacrifice. Mama Mary ...