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  1. The cast of All Is Well including Zoe Tay, Elvin Ng and Romeo Tan

    Zoe Tay as Romeo Tan’s mum? Just one of the challenges for the cast of All Is Well

    Singapore and Taiwan actors also got a taste of each other’s home countries when filming for this co-production.
  2. Chef Alysia Chan Black Swan 1

    Women chefs taking a stand against discrimination in Singapore kitchens

    The Black Swan’s Alysia Chan and others are holding their ground against aggression, wage inequality and sexual harassment in the hyper-masculine ...
  3. Loh Lik Peng poses at Straits Clan's restaurant

    The Singaporean with the global restaurant empire – just not for nudists

    Restaurateur and hotelier Loh Lik Peng is open to good ideas that aren't "lazy". Just keep your clothes on and don't mention burgers.
  4. Learn to cook from watching food shows

    Can you actually learn to cook from watching food shows? We gave it a go

    A kitchen noob challenged herself to make a three-course meal (including a chocolate matcha lava cake) just from watching cooking shows. This is ...
  5. Gareth Jacobs plays the Genie in Aladdin The Musical

    Wish granted: Aladdin The Musical’s Genie is loving his chilli crab in Singapore

    Sorry, but actor Gareth Jacobs, who plays the Genie in the stage production, won’t be granting you three wishes, even if you ask nicely.
  6. Konstantino Blokbergen putting bread buns in the oven

    Bake your own bread in a traditional oven at Katong’s ‘village baker’ – for free

    Firebake restaurant is opening its ovens to the community, as founder Konstantino Blokbergen shares his love of sourdough bread – and some handy ...
  7. Jin Yinji IG

    Jin Yin Ji laxative health scare: Mediacorp says ‘Don’t compromise wellbeing’

    The 73-year-old actress took laxatives for fear of gaining weight, and was hospitalised last week with severe abdominal pain.
  8. House of Happiness Mr Lorbak

    The Singaporean chef-turned-hawker creating a food empire built on lor bak

    William Liou is the man behind Mr Lorbak and House Of Happiness. Not only does he have a winning braised pork recipe, he's also able to view the ...
  9. Labyrinth Han at Edible Garden City

    Why this Michelin star chef spends so much time on Singapore farms

    With 90 per cent of Labyrinth's menu made up of local produce, Chef LG Han's truly Singaporean cuisine is only made possible by the relationships ...
  10. Raffles city food crawl Sushi Tei The Botanic

    Join a food crawl for some Japanese food and sake, off-menu desserts and cocktails

    CNA Lifestyle Experiences invites you to spend a Sunday afternoon dining away in the heart of town at Raffles City.