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  1. Tips for ordering wine

    3 common myths about ordering wine in Singapore debunked

    Dealing with sommeliers, food pairing rules and other useful tips for your next night out
  2. New Content Item

    Two sommeliers in Singapore prove that age is just a number

    Driven and focused, these young guns are the rising stars in the local wine scene.
  3. 13% Gastro Wine

    Looking for a bar where you can unwind without the rowdy crowd? Here are two options

    Besides an extensive wine list, both bars are perfect for catching up with friends or relaxing after a long day at work.
  4. Wine RVLT wine bar singapore

    Bring on the Revolution: How this bar is shaking up the wine scene in Singapore

    Feeling thirsty but not in the mood to dress up? Wine Revolution might just be the place for you with its unusual wine list and friendly environment.