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  1. A yak at Yamdrok Lake, Tibet

    Tibetan adventures: From crystal lakes to a glimpse of Mount Everest

    The Roof of the World houses many treasures – if you can stomach the altitude.
  2. A cat at the Cat Village in Houtong

    In search of Taipei’s cat village, excellent oolong and a night market by the sea

    From Houtong’s cat-themed cafes and Jiufen’s Hayao Miyazaki-like village to Keelung’s delicious street food, there’s more to explore once you ...
  3. Camels in the sahara

    A Moroccan dream: From glamping in the Sahara to chaos in the souks

    The country known as the gateway to Africa is equal parts inspiring, charming and overwhelming.
  4. Temple of Apollo central greece on a budget

    A road trip through time: Fascinating central Greece on less than €350

    Journeying from the Acropolis and Temple of Zeus of 4th century BC to hipster bars and cafes of modern day Instagram, central Greece is endlessly ...
  5. Red Stone Village Villagers 2

    Making the journey back to the little village where my family’s story began

    Welcome to Red Stone Village, Guangxi, China, where one Singaporean discovers how little of her own history she knows – with relatives she never ...
  6. SAMMI_CHENG (1280x720)

    'You can find strength at any age': Sammi Cheng opens up about life, movies and her Instagram feed

    How does the Hong Kong superstar remain at the top of her game? CNA Lifestyle sat down for a chat with Sammi Cheng, who was in town for the ...
  7. Cathedral Of Christ The Saviour Russia Moscow

    Exploring Russia’s riches on the cheap: How a 10-day trip for two cost S$5,000 all-in

    Moscow's and St Petersburg's riches extend beyond the country's literary works, art, opulent churches and its tsars. Its magnificence also comes ...
  8. main 90s chinese entertainment movie pop stars nicky wu mr nanny 2

    90s rewind: The Chinese entertainment comebacks we want to see

    “Little Tiger” Nicky Wu’s return to the screen in Mr Nanny got CNA Lifestyle thinking about all the other 90s stars we miss.
  9. Lion 1 south africa safari cheap good deal less crowded Pilanesberg National Park CNA Lifestyle

    Chasing lions, leopards and elephants in South Africa – for less than you’d think

    South Africa’s Pilanesberg National Park offers the safari experience of a lifetime, and going at the right time means fewer tourists and more ...
  10. Lake District 2 united kingdom travel literary tour famous author CNA Lifestyle_mod

    Next stop, Jane Austen: A literary tour of the United Kingdom

    Walking in gardens with Virginia Woolf, sitting in pubs with Charles Dickens – one writer finds traces of her literary heroes all around the UK.