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  1. “Growing up here is special," says Daniel, even if being Jewish is “very hard" owing to Jewish laws.

    From special haircuts to speaking Hebrew, how Jews live in Singapore

    Whether they follow the orthodox code or are less strict, they are redefining, adapting and embracing Jewish life the Singaporean way. The series ...
  2. (dp) TP truckers main

    Overworked and low-paid, heavy vehicle drivers an accident waiting to happen

    One driver’s normal working hours are 8am to 5pm, but he works until 10pm or 11pm instead. Others are doing the same to earn more, as Talking ...
  3. Ms Ria Sharma (centre) set up an NGO called Make Love Not Scars to support acid attack survivors.

    The 26-year-old who’s giving hope to India’s acid attack victims

    Fashion graduate Ria Sharma chose a different life to help acid attack victims, and opened India’s first rehab clinic for them. The series ...
  4. Singapore Airlines has been one of the most affected by Covid-19.

    COVID-19 grounded thousands of planes. Here’s what happens to them

    From closing thousands of window shades to keeping out tiny insects, the work does not stop for aircraft engineers just because their planes are ...
  5. tuas waste 10

    The long road to ensuring that Singapore's waste doesn't go to waste

    Expensive tunnels and facilities are being built to tackle mounting waste and help carve out a greener future. But current habits on the ground ...